Saturday, September 23, 2006

And so it begins....

My first post - I'd love to write something earth-shatteringly relevant, something smart, something that captures the attention of any person out there who happens to stumble across this page. and as I sit here I can think of .....nothing. Not a very auspicious start!

Why is it that new beginnings are so scary? The perfectionist in me comes to the fore and I want everything to be just right - setting myself up for failure from the very start.

However, I have done it! I have written my first post. Next time is bound to be easier and a whole lot more fun.


Lei said...

Welcome to the blog world! Thanks for putting Cotton-Pickin' Days on your blogroll.

I'll be back to chat. ;)

kat said...

Hi Gill,

I love your site and insight - it has inspired med to start my own - but so far the perfectionist is still barring the way. I will keep checking your site.

Good wishes from Norway.

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