Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's raining again....

Yesterday we had torrential rain. It rained steadily most of the morning and then at around about lunch time it began to come down in buckets. Little daughter (LD) and I got drenched to the skin coming out of the shopping centre - funny how there is something both exhilirating and annoying about getting sopping wet in a downpour. By the time we had left the car park we found the streets turning into rivers and got home to find the swimming pool overflowing!

Later on in the evening we took a drive to a couple of the local beaches. Wow! The sea had turned into chocolate milkshake and was full of debris, the waves were huge, it was quite something to see.

I really feel for the people in the rural areas who live in appalling conditions at the best of times - life must become unbearable under these conditions.

This photo shows what Uvongo Beach (my favourite beach) looked like after the rain

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Kitty Cat said...

I remember those floods!

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