Sunday, October 01, 2006

15 Things To Do before I am 50

  • Go to Europe again
  • Learn to meditate
  • Finish paying for our house
  • Learn to speak better Zulu
  • Write a book
  • Stop eating meat
  • Have a long holiday in Cape Town
  • Acquire a little “lap dog” all of my own
  • Lose 6 kgs and keep it off
  • Finish decorating our house to my complete satisafaction
  • Save enough money to comfortable retire
  • Get physically fit and stay fit
  • I hope to have a couple of grandchildren while I am young enough to enjoy them
  • Finish my daughters’ baby albums!!
  • Worry less and smile more

1 comment:

Kitty Cat said...

Excellent list! I'm with you on many of those things! Except I did the "stop eating meat" thing for 6 years and am back to eating meat. Love the last one!

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