Sunday, October 22, 2006

My bundu bashers

My husband and 16 year old daughter love to mountain bike. A lot. It strikes me as strange, because from what I have seen mountain biking involves an enormous amount of discomfort.

Nearly two years ago my husband fell off his bike, quite spectacularly I gather, and broke both his tibia and fibula, developed a deep vein thrombosis and found himself in ICU with a pulmonary embolism and various pins and other assorted metal bits protuding from his body, all in quick succession. Now that would have put me off the sport - but it didn't deter him from hopping back on that bike in the least. In fact, a few weeks into his recovery, I got home from work to find him riding around the garden on his bike, plaster cast and all.

Having watched the entire above-mentioned episode, one would have thought that my daughter would never, ever want to get on a bike again - but no, she is more enthusiastic than ever.

Earlier this year my hubby and his cycling buddy did the Sani2C, a 3 day mountain-biking event of epic proportions. From what I can gather it involves enormous quantities of mud, mountains, smelly men and tiny tents. It seems that things get so dire that the participants need to coat their nether regions with the cream normally applied to the udders of cattle...... need I say more! This does not sound like a particulary pleasant way to spend 3 days from where I am sitting.

A couple of weeks ago he did a weekend ride called the Source II Wild Coast 2006 - he emerged from this with a smile on his face and the worst case of nappy rash I have ever seen on a grown man - okay the only case of nappy rash I have seen on a grown man, but I digress. Undeterred, he applied some baby bum cream and a week later did the Hill2Hill.

Now don't get me wrong, I am enormously proud of their achievements in this sport, but I just don't get why they do it. Why do something that is seriously uncomfortable, exhausting, sweat-making and dirty? When I asked my daughter this very question she gave me a look of complete incomprehension and said "duh..... because its fun!"

Well yes..., but give me a cosy couch, a slab of dark chocolate and a good book anyday!


Pieter Naude said...

Gill, nothing wrong with your hubby and daughter. Cycling does that to people. Ask me. I missed the Hill2Hill, the recent Lake Eland, the Amashova, the coming 94.7 all because of a fall in the Imfolozi Big 5. Ask your loved ones, they will know about that ride.

I also recently did the Pondoland port2Port. Amazing scenes! Was tough, carrying my bike over mountains dragging a broken toe for 3 days, but true to the nature of cycling; "never quit"!

Gill said...

Oh Pieter - sounds like the bug has bitten you bad! Hope you have recovered from the fall.

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