Saturday, November 04, 2006

One cute stationary bike

Anyone who knows me even slightly will know that I am not hugely into exercise. When looking at me, the words "gym bunny" do NOT come to mind. But I have to confess that something strange is happening to me, I am becoming more and more attached to my exercise bicycle! This is surprising to me and completely mind-blowing to my family.

It all started when the mountain bike fanatics in my family decided to purchase the exercise bike (or spinner, as they call it) so that they could ride even when it is raining and the wind is howling outside. I thought they were completely mad - to my mind, bad weather would be an exceedingly good excuse not to ride! In any event, this piece of gym equipment arrived in my home and to begin with I feigned complete lack of interest. I have to confess that right from the start I found it quite fascinating, it has buttons to press and records time, kilometres covered and even calories burned - cute!

One morning, when no-one was home, I decided to climb on the thing, just to feel what it was like. Of course once perched on it, I had to ride it a little, just to see how the calorie counter worked. And so the bug began to bite... But boy did my behind ache! Those seats are really hard and they catch you in all the wrong places. I realised very quickly that if I was going to continue to flirt with this sexy little piece of equipment, I was going to have to borrow some cycling pants from hubby, to cushion my bottom. So, much to his surprise, shock and total amazement, I borrowed a pair of well padded, skin hugging, lycra shorts. (I never thought I would see the day that I would be wearing lycra!!)

A couple of months down the line and I am thoroughly enjoying being on the exercise bike. I have gradually climbed from 5 minute sessions to 20 minute sessions. It seems ridiculous to find exercise relaxing, I would have the thought that the two concepts were mutually exclusive, but I truly do find it relaxing. No-one bothers me while I am on the bike and my thoughts drift lazily about, as I bowl along, going nowhere, slowly. The bonus is that I have dropped a couple of kilos and I am definitely beginning to feel a little firmer.

The family are quite convinced that eventually I will make the move from cycling indoors to braving the great outdoors. They already have their eyes on a mountain bike for me, but it just isn't going to happen. Nope, I am perfectly content to spin away in the comfort of my own home on my sexy little stationary bike.

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Kitty Cat said...

Seeing as this is an old post, and I am new to your blog, relatively, was wondering if you've kept up with the bike?

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