Saturday, December 02, 2006

Life and Death

For the past couple of weeks I have been following the Atomictumour blog – it has been an emotional rollercoaster as “AT” has shared the details of his beloved wife’s illness and subsequent death. BJ, AT’s wife of 10 years and mother to his 2 young sons, became ill with flu-like symptoms at the beginning of November and her condition deteriorated rapidly, she suffered acute renal failure and subsequently fell into a coma, she died on the 17th of November.

AT’s blog has made compelling, if not always comfortable, reading. Part of what makes this blog so special is AT’s sometimes brutal honesty – he doesn’t sugar-coat any of his experiences. You just have to love this guy for his “humanness” and the love for his wife that radiates out of his posts.

AT’s experience has brought it home to me, yet again, that we truly never know what the future holds. A month ago his wife was a healthy, 29 year old woman and today she is dead. A husband is grieving and two little boys are growing up without a mom. It makes me want to hug my family that bit harder, love them that bit more – while I have the chance.

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