Saturday, March 17, 2007

How healthy am I?

I was reading a magazine the other day which suggested we should list 5 positive healthy habits we have and five negative. So, as I am a great lover of lists, I have done just that:

Healthy habits:
1. I don’t add sugar to anything except my pasta sauce
2. I drink 2 litres of water daily
3. The only oil I use in cooking (apart from making French fries about once a month) is olive oil
4. I drink a lot of soya milk and I don’t generally consume dairy products
5. I detest fat, so I cut it off any meat I use

Unhealthy habits:
1. I get very little physical exercise (ouch, I know that’s a biggie! I’ve gotta get back on that exercise bike)
2. I love crisps – I try to limit myself, but the odd bag does creep into my trolley
3. I’m a sucker for dark chocolate and although it has health benefits, I know I consume quite a bit more than is strictly healthy ;-)
4. I really love the odd beer shandy and often have a glass of wine with my dinner
5. I stress!

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