Saturday, April 07, 2007

Getting off my butt

I have a terrible personality flaw – well to be frank, I probably have quite a few terrible personality flaws, but the one I am talking about here is laziness. My laziness isn’t your run of the mill – I don’t feel like doing the ironing – kind of laziness, it is the type of laziness that prevents me from doing really enjoyable, interesting stuff. It’s the kind of laziness that keeps me glued to the couch when I should be out of the house having fun. Crazy hey?

Now take last weekend for example. In a fit of unusual enthusiasm I decided that we were going to go to “Music by the Lake” in the Botanical Gardens in Durban, to see Freshly Ground. Before I had a chance to think of 10 valid reasons why we should rather veg out at home, I phoned our friends to invite them to come with us and rushed out and bought the tickets. We had a wonderful time. We picnicked on the grass, listened to some really good music, chatted and generally had a fantastic afternoon. All around us were families with little kids, having fun together – my idea of a good time. Now I ask myself – why don’t we do this more often?? The answer is simply, because I find it far too easy to get stuck in a rut and sit at home.

Freshly Ground
were absolutely fantastic. Loved them! They appeal to such a wide audience – there were hippy types, guys in “dreads”, yuppie types, tannies, kiddies and everyone in-between, all thoroughly enjoying the show. If they come to Durbs again, we’ll be there.

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