Saturday, April 21, 2007

Had a good holiday!

We got back last night (after a 10 hour journey!) from a super-duper holiday. We spent last Friday and Saturday night at Monateng Safari Lodge, near Pretoria. The timeshare units are absolutely lovely and come complete with a tame Ostrich called "Sarah"! There were also a family of Warthogs strolling about, they have to be the most comical
creatures around, I just love watching them run with their tails up.

On Monday morning we were up bright and early for the 2 hour drive to Sun City - as far as my kids are concerned, the highlight of this drive was watching me have a wee on the side of the road as a tractor drove s-l-o-w-l-y by - when you gotta go, believe me, you gotta go!

Once we got to Sun City we had the most gorgeous breakfast at the Cabanas (read all about it on my "What's Cooking?" blog). And so began a fantastic week of sun, sand and family fun. We spent lots of time at the Valley of the Waves, strolled through the aviary, the kids (including Grant) went on the "Wake Snake" and some of the family took a cruise on the lake, we had lovely meals at the various restaurants, sipped cocktails at the Cascades pool (I love that pool, it's heated!), walked over the swing bridge, relaxed and generally did all the things that make Sun City one of my favourite holiday destinations. Bliss...

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