Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh Ancient One.... that's me!

I don't know whether it is just the age of me - but all of a sudden I am wondering where my life has gone? I truly cannot get my head around the fact that I will be forty on my next birthday. Me? Forty? Can't be! Somewhere locked inside me is a teenager trying desperately to get out.

It is just not possible that I have a daughter who is now, very confidently, driving me around. I feel like something is not right. In my mind I am definitely not old enough to have a daughter that can get behind the wheel, let alone a daughter who can talk of little else but finishing school and leaving home.

How does this happen? How come one minute you are a young mom, changing nappies, discussing colic and teething and the next thing this woman is sitting next to you and she is your daughter??

Then I have to face the horrible truth that the "baby" of the family is now wearing bras, slicking on the lip gloss and singing along to Avril Lavigne...

It really is too much for me, it ages me.... Help, I'm starting to feel forty!!!

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Curie said...

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