Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mother Nature is having a laugh...

No doubt about it, Mother Nature certainly has a sense of humour! No sooner do I wax lyrical about our gorgeous weather in my previous post, and a great big cold front comes rolling in.

Yesterday was freezing! I was woken up just after 6am by an sms from a friend in the Umvoti region (where we used to live) to say that their lawn was white with snow and more was falling. You get snow in that area about every 3-4 years, but it usually only lasts a day. I'm so jealous! Paula has never seen snow (well not that she remembers, she was one the last time!), so she would love to have been able to build a snowman. If we hadn't all had so much work to get through yesterday I would have gone and spent the day there, but it was not to be, maybe next time.

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