Friday, June 08, 2007

5 reasons to….love being a mom

  1. There is nothing to beat the feeling of an unborn baby kicking in your tum. When I was pregnant I would spend hours lying in the bath watching my babe kick and roll. Those were such precious times.
  2. Those moments when you know that a hug from you is really going to do the trick – sometimes only a mom’s hug will do. I love it that even at the “ripe old age” of twelve, Paula insists that I kiss her goodnight and give her a cuddle before she goes to sleep. It’s lovely.
  3. It’s so fascinating to watch my daughters’ personalities develop – I just love seeing who they are becoming (if that makes sense!)
  4. You get to have a valid excuse to go and watch Shrek, Princess Diaries etc and to celeb watch. (Well I have to embrace their culture don’t I??)
  5. Shouting from the sidelines at galas and hockey matches. I know they find it very excruciatingly embarrassing, but I get to do it anyway ‘cause I’m the mom!

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