Wednesday, June 13, 2007

7 Things I Love about Me

An Ordinary Mom tagged all of her readers with the meme “7 Things I love about Me”. It gave me some food for thought. I definitely have issues with self confidence, so to list things I love about me is not as easy as one might think. The disturbing thing is that I would have found it incredibly easy to list at least 40 things I dislike about me!

7 things I love about me….

  • I love that I am a loving mother to my children. I can honestly say that my two daughters have been raised with an abundance of love.
  • I love that I am a sensitive person, although I sometimes carry the hurts of others around in my heart and it is often a heavy weight to carry, I think that is better than being uncaring of the needs of others.
  • I love that I enjoy reading so much, I have learnt and continue to learn so much from my love of reading.
  • I love that I am not crazy about coffee – it’s one less thing to give up!
  • I love that I am stubborn and will stick to my principles
  • I love the fact that I am an organised, neat kind of person – it definitely makes life less stressful
  • I love that I have a secret reserve of strength. Being a rather shy and anxious person, I know that I can seem weak and yet I have faced some serious challenges in my life and have surprised myself with my strength and ability to cope under pressure. It’s nice to know that “when things get rough I can be tough”.

I challenge anyone who reads this to do the same (whether you have a blog or not). If you accept the challenge, please let me know.


An Ordinary Mom said...

It definitely is hard to do, but I am super glad you played along :) !! Doesn't it feel great?

I can be quite stubborn, too, but I am learning to turn it into a strength.

Paula said...

At least I know where the stubborness comes from hehe

It's the genes mom:)

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