Friday, June 01, 2007

5 Reasons.....

(Drum roll) Welcome to the first ever "Five reason Friday"! Every Friday will now have a “5 reason…..” post. Starting with today’s -


  1. I only work until 12:30pm on a Friday – oh happy day!
  2. My darling, darling Eunice comes to my house on a Friday and cleans and irons for me
  3. Friday afternoons are fun, they’re generally spent reading a book or magazine, trawling the mall or messing about on the computer.
  4. Supper on a Friday night is a hit and miss affair – if we feel like cooking we cook, otherwise it’s take-aways or toast!
  5. I go to bed on a Friday night with the knowledge that my alarm clock is not going to wake me up in the morning – bliss!

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