Sunday, June 24, 2007

I have a secret……… weakness!

I am an exceedingly good planner, a list-maker of note. Give me a holiday to plan, or a monthly budget, or even a simple trip to the grocery store and I will (and do) plan it to perfection.

Nothing brings me greater joy than sitting down with a pristine piece of paper and a pencil and making a list. BUT (and this is a BIG but!) I am hopeless, completely and utterly hopeless, at sticking to a plan.

For goodness sake, don’t tell my family this, because between you and me, they think I am awesome the way I plan and execute these things… I’d hate to disillusion them ;-)

It really is a most frustrating weakness. Most of the joy created in making a list is completely lost when I arrive home from grocery shopping and find the list still hanging on the fridge and realise that 90% of the items on the list are not what is weighing down my shopping bags.

I spend hours each month planning my budget to the final cent and do I stick to it? Not a chance! You’ve no idea the disappointment when I reach the end of the week and according to my budget I should have a couple of hundred rand floating about, when in reality I have 5 cents in my pocket.

Good grief, I think I’d better go and make a list of all the measures I can put in place to keep this from happening....

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Photo by Ayala Moriel


colleen said...

I don't even bother doing the budget, knowing I won't stick to it. I like to make plans and then when I cancel them I feel releived to not have to got out.

Sorry to be so frustrating. My secret was only that I was going away for a couple of weeks to Massachusetts. I was really adverse to digging up anything more dark or interesting, distracted by the sights and colors of spring. It was only a secret because I hadn't mentioned it before.

Another little secret was that I was trying to write my piece with as many references to color as I could. I counted 8, which was a lot for the size of the entry.

dailypanic said...

i have to work on leaving the list behind. Your weakness is terrific

Kamsin said...

Haha! I'm really useless at planning and lists!
I've tagged you over on my blog btw. Do pop over and have a look and join in if you want to!

Annie said...

I love your secret. I don't think of it as a weakness at all. I call it flexible: able to bend without breaking. Yes, that's a good thing. It means you're not rigid.... and that's a bad thing.

Also, I want to say that I enjoyed Colleen's post. It left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Check it out.

paris parfait said...

No chance for me of sticking to a budget - as for making lists, I'm good at doing that - then I leave them at home and forget half of what's on them! Cute post.

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love making lists - I am passionate about lists - I have a special journal just for my lists - long and slender and pink - lists can be the basis for art - save those lists... or you could send them to me -

my other favorite thing about lists is crossing things off

yeah LISTS!!!!!!!!!!

xox - eb.

jen said...

interesting...the two very different sides to that. i am not all that organized, but i fail to follow my own plans and am never sure why.

gautami tripathy said...

Whenever I make a shopping list, I always forget to take it along with me!

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