The joys of being Eccentric

Imagine being able to blow a big fat raspberry at society in general and live life entirely according to your own rules…. to be as nutty and eccentric as you please, with a complete disregard for what is considered normal. It would be such fun! I wonder if the novelty would eventually wear off, or if you would always feel completely liberated?

It takes a certain kind of person to be a true eccentric. Some people are just born very “normal”. My daughter Rox is one of those people, she’s a complete conformist. She is even inclined to view Paula and I with deep suspicion when we buy organic products. At the moment she has a strong objection to my use of organic fabric softener and keeps on telling me “Come on Mom, I want my clothes to smell like an ordinary person, please!” Privately, I think she has a deep-seated, unvoiced fear that I am going to morph into some sort of a hippy-person and cause her life-long shame ;-)

I’d love to be an eccentric. I’d buy a crumbling old house – something like the one in “Under the Tuscan Sun” and live there in slightly decrepit splendour, surrounded by adoring dogs of various mixed breeds. I’d bake bread in my old Aga, make homemade lemonade and grow herbs and read loads and loads of books until all hours of the night. Oh the joy of it! Maybe Rox’s fears aren’t so far-fetched after all…

This post is a result of this week’s Sunday Scribblings prompt “Eccentricity”
Photo by leinadsimpson courtesy of Flickr creative commons


Greatly enjoyed your piece.
If living in a crumbling house and surrounding oneself with dogs of unknown origin and breeding makes one eccentric, I have been a crackpot most of my life.
Kamsin said…
I guess true eccentrics are utterly and blissfully unaware of just how odd they seem to the rest of us, too busy marching to their own beat and all that! I guess that'd be the real joy just to be your own person without any care to what the rest of the world thinks!
Annie said…
"decrepit splendour"

I know exactly what you mean. My Aunt's house is like that. Even her garden is overgrown and wild looking, but beautiful at the same time. I enjoyed your piece very much.
Lisa said…
I enjoyed your post and I so agree with you - it would be great to live in that old house and reading books all day would be the best.

I thought your daughter thinking organic products are eccentric was cute.
Patois said…
Funny that your daughter is the normal one. My daughter is the non-conformist, the one who doesn't listen to what others say because she doesn't hear them. She doesn't get what normal is. I love it in her, but I do worry about what she'll encounter for being other.
megnificent! said…
We could trade our recipes and gardening secrets via our blogs! We sound like we have a lot in common!
Bake on!
Lucy said…
Loved that movie, wish I had the nerve to pick up and take an adventure like that! :)
( nice post)
jen said…
i do think the true eccentrics have no idea what magic they are. this post made me smile.
Jennifer said…
Your post makes me think of James and the Giant Peach. Except with a
The house in the pic looks like the same as in the movie in a