Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oooh baby it's cold outside!

Today it's cold, I mean seriously cold. Red nose and slippers cold, cuddle up in bed with hot chocolate cold.... I love it, but only for a little while.

Which got me thinking.... I really do think that in the great scheme of things there IS "a time for everything and a season for every activity" (as the bible verse goes).

As hubby and I lay in bed this morning debating who would be brave enough to nip out and put the kettle on, my thoughts were that today is a day for staying in bed. A day for lazing about, a day for rest. My body was telling me this, the weather was telling me this, every instinct was telling me this, for goodness sake even my dogs were telling me this - but what did I do? I got up and put that kettle on, put the washing in and so began my day as usual.

I so wish we could live life according to our natural rhythms, according to the seasons and the weather. I wish we weren't governed by alarm clocks and schedules. I'm sure we would get just as much done (and with a lot more joy) in the long run if we lived a life driven more by our natural inclinations than by adherence to someone elses regulations.

Maybe oneday.....

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