Thursday, June 07, 2007

Teacher strikes

Yesterday we were caught up in the teacher strikes which are taking place in our country at the moment.

I got a phone call suggesting that I fetch my youngest daughter from school as they were expecting some action from strikers. (At my daughter's school the teachers have continued teaching as normal, apart from Friday, when the school closed.) I arrived at the school to find everything as normal, apart from the presence of a few police vehicles with policemen standing around and armed guards patrolling the fields. My eldest daughter (who homeschools) ran in to fetch her sister, while I waited in the car.

Cars carrying protesters began arriving, hooters blaring, waving banners and shouting. By the time my two daughters emerged from the school there were many protesters dancing around outside the school and many more arriving. Although none of them approached my vehicle, I found it terrifying as they were making a lot of noise and all looked way over excited.

My two daughters got in the car and by this time Paula was shaking and in tears. She was so worried about her friends who were left inside and her teacher. We battled to leave the school as the traffic was so congested. As we were leaving we saw protesters swarming over the walls and up the fences of the school. Paula was completely traumatised by this. School is now closed until Monday at the earliest.

Now I fully agree that our teachers should be paid more, I really do, BUT I have a huge problem with unruly protesters (who don't teach at the school) arriving and acting in a disturbing manner, scaring innocent children. It's just not right.

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Hsien Lei said...

I agree with you! Why couldn't the demonstrators have found a neutral public place to make their point. Going to a school and scaring children, giving them bad memories is wrong.

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