Saturday, June 09, 2007

The veggie garden and the monkey menace

I thought I would give an update on our doorsized, organic veggie garden.

On the whole, the garden is progressing well. We have staggered the planting of carrots and radishes, so that we should be able to reap quite regularly and they are all looking healthy. Our beetroot are flourishing, as are the frilly lettuces. Not all the beans that I planted have come up, but those that have are looking good.

Our main problem is the cabbages and this is where the “monkey menace” comes in. For some reason the monkeys, that move through our property on a daily basis, will insist on pulling our cabbages out. It drives me scatty because they generally pull them out and then throw them on the ground, without even eating them. They obviously don’t like them, so why come back for more?? The few remaining cabbages are also being attacked by little worms and I haven’t yet found an organic recipe for worm killer. So it looks like we might have total crop failure where the cabbages are concerned!

I planted baby tomatoes too and only a couple of those have come up. I know they generally grow like weeds, so I will definitely try again. They were planted in the horrible, dry soil outside the veggie garden proper, so it’s no wonder they are struggling.

We also planted lettuce seeds, but I am not quite sure where they were planted! We have learnt to be more careful about planting in rows and generally organising our planting. I think we were a bit over-enthusiastic to begin with and just planted all over the place! It’s a learning curve ;-)

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