5 reasons to love….. living on the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast

It’s not always easy to unconditionally love living in South Africa. We have crime, we have poverty, we have AIDS and apartheid still sticks to our shoes like a chunk of dog poop you can’t get rid of. BUT I love living in South Africa, especially on the KZN South Coast, even though every now and again I have to remind myself why. Which is exactly what I am doing in this post:

  1. Our weather – I don’t believe there is a place in the world that has better weather than we do here on the east coast of South Africa. I look out of my window today, it’s mid-Winter and it is 24 degrees C - balmy, sunny and still. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous
  2. We have braaivleis, biltong, boerewors, biryani and bobotie. We have some seriously good food here! With the blend of cultures in this country, our food is a melting pot of delicious flavours.
  3. Our beaches. I’m not a terribly beachy person but I have to say that our beaches are undeniably beautiful - they are sandy (as opposed to pebbly), clean and perfect for swimming, fishing, whale watching or just lazing about soaking up the sun. At this time of the year, the beach is the place to be for whale watching! Who could ask for more?
  4. Our people. This country and particularly our province, has an incredibly diverse mix of cultures. In the area we live there are people of Zulu, English, German, Dutch and Indian descent. What makes it special is that most of the people are proud of their culture and work at maintaining it. It makes life so interesting. I can remember driving through Durban as a youngster, shortly after we moved there and marvelling at the beautiful people I could see all over the place. I later discovered that these “beautiful people” were of Indian descent. Durban has a large Indian population, mostly descended from people brought here in 1860 as cane cutters.
  5. Our laid back lifestyle. The only time you are likely to see a South Coaster in a hurry is when the sardines are around ;-). We have a notoriously stress-free, no worries kind of lifestyle down here. It suits me just fine!

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Fifi said...

Hi Gill
Great post..... I've been one of those sardine chasers about 20 years ago!!!!
I lived for 30 years in KZN.... I love Natal. Good news for me is that we might be moving back there!