Tuesday, July 17, 2007


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Generally, when I go on a diet I don't tell anyone. Reason being, that if I decide to abandon the diet the very next day, or even at lunch time on the day that I started it (if I make it that far!), no one is going to be any the wiser. As you can imagine, with this level of commitment, my diets are not usually spectacularly successful!

Well here I am announcing my latest diet to the blogosphere at large. Yes people, I am on a diet! My husband and I are dieting together, this is uncharted territory for us!

We are doing a 21 day diet which I found in a magazine (Woman & Home June 2007, if anyone's interested). What appealed to me about the diet is that it is only 21 days long - that feels "do-able". It's also quite easy to follow.

There is a list of forbidden foods - sugar (obviously!), cows milk or milk products (no biggie for me as I don't do dairy anyway, but a huge sacrifice for my man), wheat (okay, that hurts!), red meat, alcohol (no glass of red wine with Grey's Anatomy on a Monday, sob!), no potatoes, no processed foods etc. It encourages lots of fesh fruit and veggies, a minimum of 2l of water a day etc. The bonus here is that there are a lot of lovely recipes included, with really interesting ingredients - I think this factor is going to help us a lot. There is also an optional meal plan for the full 21 days and we are sticking to that.

We started yesterday and so far so good. I'll keep you posted on our progress and weight loss! Two days down and counting!!

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Hsien Lei said...

How's the diet going? My mom once put me on a diet that had a lot of canned beets. Didn't last longer than 2 days. :P

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