Thursday, July 26, 2007

Family Tree

family tree
We have recently been working on our family tree. It's something I've always wanted to do, it was just a matter of finding the time and getting around to it. I'm so glad we finally did it, it's been a fun and interesting exercise for the whole family. We have discovered some interesting details about our ancestors - Grant has a pair of first cousins who married in his tree (that explains a lot, hee hee!) and one of his ancestors was born to a mother of 55!! I kid you not - we have proof!

I discovered a really good website to assist in compiling the tree, it's called Genes Reunited and can be found here. Registration is free, but you can also join and then you have access to message boards, are able to view other trees etc. I joined for a 6 month period and through the site have managed to contact a couple of very distant cousins, who helped me in tracking down a couple of ancestors and one of them pointed me in the direction of the 1820 Settlers site, which is another great site. If you have ancestors who were 1820 settlers (as I do), you'd find the site very informative, it has hordes of information about the settlers, their family trees, which boats they came on etc. Another useful tool is Family Tree Maker, where you can import your tree from Genes Reunited and print it out in various formats and do loads of other interesting things pertaining to family trees.


Hsien Lei said...

How fascinating that you've learned so much about your family history. Have you ever considered taking a genealogy DNA test?

Fifi said...

Hi Gill,
I only just read your email about your daughters blog!My eldest has a blog at a very safe community called A lot of homeschooling children blog there and my son made lots of great friends there.He's not to good with keeping updated though..... boy thing I think!
his address is

Have a great weekend!

Gill said...

Hsien - Thanks for stopping by! I hadn't ever considered taking a genealogy DNA test, it's an interesting thought though.

Fifi - Thanks so much, Paula will definitely be visiting your sons blog!

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