Thursday, July 19, 2007

Is it just a South African thing?

water bottle
Remember the fad for putting water-filled two litre cooldrink bottles all over the lawn to stop the dogs from pooing there? The idea behind it was that dogs do not poop where they drink. Unfortunately our dogs didn’t buy into that theory one little bit. On one notable occasion, one of our dogs actually pooped on the water-filled bottle.

What about the “baby on board” bumper sticker fad? It seems like I saw one and thought “Oh sweet, what a cute idea” and the next thing nearly every “mom’s taxi” was wearing one! This particular fad has been an enduring one – the stickers are still around and now come in all shapes, sizes and permutations of the original.

Hands up every South African who had a "Twister" in their kitchen. (Picture me waving ;-))Remember those irritating infomercials for the Twister, with Isabel Jones doing the demos?

Fashion is just a fad mine-field! Who can forget the horrors of knicker-bockers, leg-warmers and bubble skirts? (I can’t believe they are resurrecting those!) Remember the “Purdey” hairstyle? As a teenager, I simply loved the “Princess Diana” look; hairstyle, frilly collars and all.
I suppose it’s an adult version of the old playground fads. I remember as a school kid, seeing a kid with a yo-yo and a week later we were all playing with yo-yos. Then it was marbles, then skipping ropes… and so it continued, until we were adults…. putting water filled bottles on our lawns!


Fifi said...

I don't have dogs so I cannot comment on the water theory. Have any idea how ya stop cats peeing inside? I need help here!

Yip I took part in all those fads. I have very fond memories of alot of them.The bubble skirt and leg warmers were one of my favourites!

aaronsmusic said...

I had never heard of the water filled bottles on the lawn thing, but I'm not from South Africa either.

Crafty Green Poet said...

fads are a fascinating insught into the crowd mentality. The bottled water on lawns, never heard of that one over here, interesting idea.

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