Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Moments that changed my life forever - Part Three

my newborn babe
After the rather traumatic arrival of Rox, surprisingly enough, we decided we didn’t want a huge age gap between our babes. There was a six year age gap between my brother and me and I always felt that it was too big, so I wanted a fairly small gap between my babies.

When Rox was one year old, we set about planning baby No.2. I fell pregnant with no problem at all, but it was an ectopic pregnancy. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Grant and I are disaster prone… In a very dramatic fashion, I collapsed at work with internal bleeding and had to be rushed to hospital. These flits to the hospital, a 45 minute drive away, started feeling like the norm - we’d done it twice before Rox was born and here we were doing it again! I had surgery and the gynae patched up my tube as best he could. Three months later I had a laparoscopy to check on the condition of my tubes, happily the prospect of my falling pregnant again looked good. Unfortunately, nothing happened…. for nearly two years! I had another laparoscopy to make sure all was okay and was assured that it was only a matter of time – there was nothing stopping me falling pregnant again, I just needed to relax and let nature takes it’s course.

Finally when Rox was 3 years old, I fell pregnant again. We were thrilled to bits. But, it was another ectopic pregnancy – yet another flit to the hospital! More surgery and this time the offending tube was removed, drastically affecting my chances of conceiving. So began a real struggle to naturally conceive a sibling for Roxy. At the time, I was not keen on the idea of IVF, which my gynae suggested as an option. 18 months down the line we were starting to seriously consider it.

Then, believe it or not, in September 1994, Grant shot himself in the hand by mistake (it’s a long story….remember what I said about us being disaster prone??) and had to spend a couple of weeks off work, recuperating after surgery to his hand. Yup it happened, Grant had to shoot himself to get me to fall pregnant ;-) By the time he went back to work, baby number two was on the way and scans revealed that this babe was growing right where it should be.

We decided to tell Roxy quite early on that I was pregnant, so that we would have plenty of time to prepare our indulged, only child for the “sibling invasion”. We sat her down one evening and Grant explained to her that “Mommy has a little brother or sister for you growing in her tummy”. Rox’s reaction was “No she hasn’t!” We explained that “Yes, indeed she has”. Rox just adamantly refused to believe it and kept on saying “No, she hasn’t” We explained that the baby was “small like a bean” and that was why she couldn’t see that there was a baby in there, but still, all she would say was “No, she hasn’t” Not quite the reaction we were expecting!

Rox’s disbelief aside, it was a blissful pregnancy. I took Rox with for all my scans and she then took to the idea with a vengeance, notify passers-by in the street that “My mommy has a baby in her tummy” – quite a turn around there!!
I was scheduled to have a Caesar 10 days before my due date, which was 29 June. On the 3rd of June we were watching the world cup rugby in action – this was very important to Grant. I went to bed as I was tired and had an achy back and left Grant and my Dad to watch the game. Late that night Grant came to bed and a while later I got up to go to the loo. I came back to bed and as I sat down my waters broke. I told Grant this interesting tidbit of information and his sleepy reaction was “No love, it didn’t” (And we wonder where Rox gets it from!!) I finally convinced him that “Yes, indeed it did!” Yet another flit to hospital!

By the time we got to Maritzburg I was having major contractions, scarily regularly. We came to some traffic lights near the hospital and Grant who was having visions of delivering this baby single handedly, looked for cars and then drove through the intersection without stopping. Unbelievably, a police car appeared out of nowhere and began chasing us with lights flashing and sirens blaring. It was like something out of a movie! Grant pulled over and leant out of the window and said something along the lines of “Officer, my wife is in labour” – cringe-making. We got escorted to the hospital by a police car, with lights flashing. I couldn’t make things like this up!

Paula arrived by C-section a couple of hours later. She was born with her cord wrapped tightly, 3 times around her neck and gave us all a fright by being grey in colour and unresponsive for a short while. We were very thankful that Grant hadn’t had to deliver her on the side of the road!

By the time she was sorted out, cleaned up and presented to me, she was a chubby little, perfectly formed 3 kg baby - rosy in colour and just perfect in every way. The emotions at finally having the long-awaited second baby we had hoped for were indescribable! During my pregnancy the only thing that worried me was how I could possibly love another child the way I loved Rox, the moment they handed Paula to me, those worries were gone.


Tori said...

I love reading about other's pregnancy experiences. I believe, deep inside, that I am slowly evolving to accept that I really do want to be a mother and soon!
I am enjoying your blog :)

Gill said...

Hi Tori
Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Being a mom is just wonderful, not always easy, but wonderful nonetheless. I'm loving your blog too - so glad I found it!

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