Thursday, August 02, 2007

They grow so fast...

Yesterday Rox applied for a job. She is hoping to get a post as a teacher's assistant at a local primary school next year, while she studies through correspondence for her teaching degree.

I am really battling to get my head around the fact that my "little girl" is going to be entering the world of the employed next year. I don't know where the years have flown. In my mind she should still be in primary school, and here she is, finishing high school in a few months.

How did she go from being this:incubator

To being this:sun city
in such a VERY short space of time?

Rox is so excited and eager to embark on this next stage of her life, her enthusiasm is quite infectious and I'm excited for her too. This is such an incredible time in her life, the future holds such promise. But I also have a sense of sadness. Only now that my daughter is testing her wings, do I truly realise how very precious the years we have with our children are. I wish I had fully understood how very, very fast my girls would grow up. I have often said words to the effect of "they grow so fast", but I don't think the reality of the statement ever really sank in.

I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time at home with my daughters. For the last 2 years Rox has homeschooled and we have spent lots of time together, but still I wish we had more time. I wish I had spent even more time during her childhood playing with her, talking to her, reading to her. I wish I had savoured each and every moment I spent with her instead of taking those moments for granted. I wish I had worried less about the minor details and had more fun with her.

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Hsien Lei said...

Awww. What a lovely post. I often feel this way when Stephen goes to school. I enjoy having him at home and miss him while he's gone even though I know it's important for us both to learn independence. :)

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