As a child, I dreamt of growing up and living on a deserted island, writing books. In this fantasy I was very specific about what the deserted island would look like, I could describe it to you in detail right now, complete with strategically placed palm trees; but I was not very specific regarding what I would write about, which is rather a pity. I could use that information now.

In a somewhat ephemeral fashion, this childhood dream has stayed with me through the years. I have given up on the idea of the deserted island, as time goes by I have a tendency to appreciate indoor plumbing and electrical appliances; but I still occasionally fantasise about quitting my job and writing a novel. This fantasy usually comes to mind immediately after a particularly challenging work day, but never, ever on payday!

Unfortunately, I just don’t think I have what it takes to make a living as a writer. I lack a trait that is quite vital to prospective novel writers: imagination. Quite important that! For this reason alone, I think the fantasy shall remain just that, a fantasy.

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"This fantasy usually comes to mind immediately after a particularly challenging work day, but never, ever on payday!"

I know the feeling!!
Olsum's Diary said…
Love your post!
I too settle for the good (payday) and forgot to chase after the best (our dream). It's not an easy step but I was told that once I took that step...I'll never regret! Enjoy your weekend!
NuttersNotes said…
Does anyone have the imagination or is it developed? You opened that can of worms in my head. Is it "I don't" or "I am not trying"? The internal debate was rekindled by your post
Redness said…
Goodness me I feel exactly the same. Writing for me is real, not imagined hence fiction is rare on my bookshelves. Thank you for a thought provoking post!
Stacy said…
It sounds as if that island is pretty well imagined!
There's writing and then there's making a living as one... not many of us can say we do the latter, but how many of us can say we do the former and love it all the same?! That's what counts! I have enjoyed visiting you and reading what you have to offer!
I wonder if your island looked anything like my island... :)
Jo said…
Totally agree with Regina.....it's the love that counts, not the money LOL. And this piece is very nicely written! Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw.
GreenishLady said…
Stacy said it before me: You did a good job of imagining your island, so you are not lacking in imagination, it seems. As to writing the novel... maybe that should come before quitting the job? Have you done NaNoWriMo? If not, think about it this year.
Rob Kistner said…
Gill -

You have an imagination, one that is very much alive... it's visible in that deserted island.

You may not be comfortable in opening what courses through your imagination, so that others might share in it -- but I guarantee, your imagination is quite alive.

Besides, the writing of greatest impact is that which springs from truth, from loss, from pain, from triumph, from joy -- from what lives in your heart and soul right now... they are full of stories, you only need to be willing to share them.

What is required to be a writer is the total willingness to be vulnerable -- to stand naked (metaphorically) before the world, and let that be OK with yourself.

By the way, I invite you to come to Writers Island -- and write. If you want to adopt a persona through which to write, to feel comfortable -- then do that.

But Gill, if you have a fantasy to write -- then write. Only you can offer what you have to offer.

Don't deny the world your literary voice. It may be a whisper at first, but it will strengthen and grow more resonant with use.

Sorry for rambling, but what you said sparked something in me. ;)
Becca said…
You have a lovely way with words, and I hope you pursue your writing dreams in some fashion. I agree with Greenish Lady - try NaNoWriMo this year, and just see where your imagination takes you. There's nothing to lose~you might end up on that deserted island after all!
mks said…
Isn't it amazing how vividly we could write as children. Ininhibited, dramatic and free. I too feel as if I have lost the imagination to write very well creatively and lately it is the one thing I have been thinking about doing more of. Perhaps we can inspire each other!
Patois said…
There's such a strong need for all of us to encourage you because we see that you are a writer. Paid for it or not, you're one.
tumblewords said…
I'll agree with Greenish Lady and Becca. Nanowrimo is a strange breed of writing - it's a push, a pull and a surprise a minute. Two Nano novels later, I'm both wishing I could refuse the offer and straining at the bit to get to November! You'll love/hate it!
lisrobbe said…
Nice post. And what an amazing imagination that you have.
nonizamboni said…
Loved your very imaginative post. Keep writing, Gill.