Hi, my name is.... Gill

I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend.

I’m sensitive and a softie, but my will – it don’t bend!

I love reading, cooking, chocolate and wine,

dogs, movies, blogging and birding sometimes

My favourite season is Autumn and I love the colour blue

I enjoy popular music and a little jazz too.

I’m nearly forty (and it shows), I’m a bit plump and rather short

I’m typically Capricorn and, quite simply, I don’t do sport.

I’m a Christian, a bookkeeper and proudly South African to boot

And if you don’t like me, quite frankly, I don’t give a hoot!

This crazy little post came about as a result of the Sunday Scribblings prompt "Hi, my name is...." I had such fun with it! It may not be literary genius (LOL!!) but it's ME!


Becca said…
Well said, Gill! I feel as if I know you much better now :)
Robin said…
Someone who loves reading, cooking, chocolate and wine - a woman after my own heart!
Lucy said…
it IS genius gill! Love your poem and your tastes! :)
Kamsin said…
Sounds like we have a fair amount in common. I'm a short Capricorn, who doesn't do sport but loves to blog, cook (when I have time) and eat chocolate and read!
Jo said…
Well this got me chortling! Well done.
nonizamboni said…
I loved getting to know you by your post--very interesting and we share a lot of things in common. (Isn't that why we're asked to wear those silly little stickers anyway?) Thanks for visiting my site. Actually my Sun. Scribblings story really happened to me.
Happy writing!
Kerstin said…
This is great, Gill, I like it a lot! Creative and informative, the perfect combination for this Scribblings theme.
Redness said…
Oh Thanks, well done and a happy blogging birthday to you tooo!
Stacy said…
Very clever.

We have so many roles to play, so many names for the same!
Patois said…
Someone I'd sure like to run into some time.
MissMeliss said…
This post is completely charming - it made me smile.

ALso, happy blogaversary.
Fifi said…
Wow.... you rock girl! That was good! Should I be scared to meet you?heheheheh!
tumblewords said…
Nice to meet you! I like you right off the bat...but I can tell that won't matter to you. LOL
Carrie! :o) said…
LOL, this was hilarious!! :o) You sure gave me a giggle!!

I just wanna *finally* say thank you for always stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. I have not had much blog reading time lately and I hate that it took me so long to come say hi. I hope I get more free time soon so I can visit more often! :o)

Have a good week!!