Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's my Blogging Birthday!!!

My blog is having its birthday! I can’t believe it’s a year since I posted my first, rather inauspicious, post.

What a fun journey it has been! I’ve “met” some incredible people through my blog and I’ve become a regular visitor to numerous other amazing blogs. Blogging has become such a meaningful and enjoyable part of my daily life.

I think what I like most about blogging is that it’s something I do entirely for myself. As a mom, I find that I often become swamped by family issues, it sometimes feels as though everything I do is about, one or other family member, never about me. My blog is something that helps me find myself again, it’s a little oasis of peace for me, in amongst the washing, meals, work and shopping that make up my day.

In honour of my blogging birthday I browsed through my blog to see what I have posted about over the last 12 months and a couple of posts jumped out at me:

My very favourite post - My Bundu Bashers

Probably the most surprising post of the year - One Cute Stationary Bike

The post that every woman should read - Inflammatory breast cancer

I then tried to pick my top ten favourite blogs, but failed miserably – there are just so many good blogs out there, so please have a look at my blog roll (a little further down on the left) to see ALL of my favourites and then hop on over to visit those sites!


sognatrice said...

Happy blogiversary! Great idea to link to some of your most memorable posts throughout the year--I may have to steal that idea when my first blogiversary rolls around :)

Hsien Lei said...

Congratulations! Cheering you on to another productive and fun blogging year. :)

Kerri said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Laura said...

Happy 1st blogniversary! It's been fun playing FF with you! Toasting to another year of good blogging!

Fifi said...

Happy 1st Birthday Girl! So glad we met! I feel the same about why I have a blog!
We bought a house this weekend in Natal, so hopefully we move down in Jan'08.
Now...... why is my name not on the list of blogs you visit!?!?huh? Do yo have a problem with me?ah...hmmm!teehee

Sue said...

Happy belated blog b-day!!! :)

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