Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time for a couple of updates

I thought that today I would post updates on a couple of previous posts:

The Diet:
For those who are wondering what happened to the diet that Grant and I embarked on, which I posted about here – I thought I would finally give you an update.

The diet was supposed to be a 21 day affair – we only did it for 14 days (I know we are so lacking in commitment!) and in that time Grant lost 6 kgs and I lost 4 kgs.

I thought that was really good! We found the first week quite easy, we were very committed to the diet, which helped. The food on this diet was very nice, but by the second week we were growing a little tired of it as there are quite a few repeat meals. I found the second week a lot more difficult than the first, because by then the novelty had worn off and I was starting to long for some treats! I must say that we both felt very healthy on this diet, I think it is a very sensible way to diet.

Since ending the diet I have put on 1 kg and Grant has put on 3 kgs. We plan to go back on the diet really soon!

I posted about the difficulties we have been having with Paula and her asthma here

We saw the ENT and lung specialist last Thursday and to cut a long story short, Paula is on another course of cortisone :-( and we are giving the new inhaler some more time to see if it eventually helps; it looks like it is working as, for the last couple of nights, she has been much better. So here’s hoping!

Impi and the saga of the broken heart:
It appears that Impi will not be performing rudimentary cardiac surgery on himself after all. What a relief ;-) He is spending the weekend at a friend’s house in Durban and will be attending try-outs for the provincial water-polo team on Saturday. I’m holding thumbs that he makes it – he’s such a talented sportsman!

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Your space on the big blogoshere is looking great! I love your new look! Good on ya!

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