Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Heartbreak and the dog

You might remember my boy Impi? In case you don't, I posted about him here.

Impi is going through one of those terrible teenage heartbreaks, which we all went through at one point or another. One of those situations when you are certain that you will never recover and will be doomed to a lifetime of suffering and heartbreak…… sound familiar?

The thing is that when it happens to Impi it ends up seeming just a little bit funny. I’m not being mean here, honestly I am not; it’s just that Impi has a particularly comical way with words. Occasionally he will text me with the score from his rugby or soccer matches and somehow he manages to make even those simple text messages an adventure in words. On one occasion he told me that he couldn’t speak to the coach about a problem he was having because every time the opportunity arose he “felt like a turtle”. I asked him what on earth he meant by that and he said that “I feel like a turtle you know, I just stand there with my lips closed, and I can’t speak” Okaaaay…..

Well last night, in describing his heartbreak in a text message to Paula he said “I feel like ripping my heart out and feeding it to Sally”... Sally being the large family dog! Maybe I have a warped sense of humour, but I found that quite hilarious.

I promise you I am not totally without feeling and I do sympathise with Imps over the object of his devotion emigrating to Australia, really I do. But ripping out his heart and feeding it to the unsuspecting dog……LOL!


Tori said...

Ah to be that age and have nothing to gage our heart against.

Fifi said...

That is funneee...... and one day Impi will probably see the humour of this situation!
For now I am sure he is wounded for life!

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