Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I got tagged!

Regina tagged me with this meme a while back – so here goes, I hope my memory serves me correctly!

10 years ago:
We were living near to Pietermaritzburg, in the little town that I did most of my growing up in. I was working part-time in my father’s accounting business (some things never change.) Paula was two years old, so she was keeping me very busy! Roxy was 7 years old and she was attending a lovely little private school, where she was having the time of her life. Grant was working in real estate. It was a busy, but good time in our lives.

20 years ago:
I was working at a bank in that same little town. Grant was doing his compulsory national service (army training!) It was not a good time for us! Although I have to say that I really enjoyed working in the bank, which is quite surprising, being an introvert by nature, I imagined I would find it very difficult being in a service industry. Funnily enough I took to it straight away. I worked in the bank until Rox was 6 months old and then I realised that working long hours was not conducive to being a mommy.

30 years ago:
Now we are talking ancient history! I was 9 years old. My mother had recently married her 3rd husband (I have a Much Married Mother!) so I was on Daddy Number 3 at the age of nine! Luckily for me, I have had 2 wonderful step-fathers, so I emerged from my childhood relatively unscathed. We were living in Durban at that time. My best friend, Lisa, and I spent every waking moment together. (Lisa and I are still close, although she now lives in the UK – I’m seeing her in less than a month, I can’t wait!) We went to school, visited at each other’s houses, swam, talked non-stop, I went to dancing lessons and with the rest of my time I read lots and lots of books.

So that’s my history, in a nutshell! Whoever reads this and would like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The very sweet Regina who blogs at Regina's Family Seasons has given me this lovely Halloween inspired treat! The point of this treat is to pass them out to new, random visitors on your blog to make new friends. So in following these guidelines, I will pass this on to: Robin, Patois, Lucy and Redness

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Hospital Habit

So there we were, standing at the altar – fresh faced, innocent (well almost!), having just promised to love and to cherish… in sickness and in health. And there they were, the traitors (aka family members and friends) smiling patronisingly at us, knowing what kind of a ride we had let ourselves in for….. and not letting on.

Had I know then what I know now, would I have sprinted down that aisle as fast as I could in my many, many petticoats (it was the 80s you know!) and vowed to remain childless, husbandless and stress-free for the rest of my allotted time on the planet? Oh no! But my goodness I would have taken out better hospital cover!

Had I known that in our efforts to, and as a result of, our “going forth and multiplying” (which we embarked on with such inexplicable urgency!), I would land up in hospital TEN times, that I would have 2 epidurals and 7 general anaesthetics, that I would end up greeting the local gynaecologists like old chums each time I had to sit across the desk (or worse!) from one or other of them; would I have been a little more hesitant about embarking on our efforts at procreation? Nope, probably not! But I sure would have saved a lot more money and got a better support system in place first!

If I had known that I would spend a fair amount of time in the weeks leading up to my first babe’s birth flat on my back in and out of hospital, if I had known that a group of medical students would ogle at my nether regions in bemusement (and that at that stage I would be beyond the point of caring), if I had known that I would be instructed to use a bed pan instead of walking to the loo…for a week, if I had know that the sight of me would cause a grown man to faint, if I had known that my babe would be a tiny little shrimp of a thing, unable to breathe properly or to suck, if I had known that at the age of 3 this girl would need plastic surgery, having got her toes stuck in an escalator, would I still have decided I wanted this baby? For sure! But I would have prepared myself a lot better for the experience!

Had I known that, in a typically attention-seeking, male kind of way, Grant would cut off a piece of his thumb, shoot his knuckle to pieces with his own gun (yes he shot himself, I couldn’t make stuff like this up!) have operations on both his wrists (at once), break his leg in about a million places (while we were moving house), suffer a deep vein thrombosis and end up in ICU – all before the age of 40; would I still have been so keen to marry this fit looking piece of male flesh standing before me at the altar? Oh yes! But boy would I have upped his life insurance from day one! ;-)

Had I known that little Miss Paula, having arrived in this world in a robust and healthy state, albeit with the cord wrapped round her neck (some heart-stopping moments there kid!) would spend the next 2 years projectile vomiting (EEeeeeuw!), then move on to croup, to allergies, to asthma and require numerous midnight flits to hospital; would I still have been so determined in my efforts to have this second child? You betcha! But believe me I would have slept and slept and slept some more before she was born.

Do I sometimes wonder what it is about my family that makes us so disaster prone and apt to land up in hospital? Frequently! I've come to the conclusion that we have a Hospital Habit.
For more musings on Hospitals visit Sunday Scribblings

Photo by: Daquella Manera

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday's Feast 166

Name a great website you would recommend to others.
This is quite difficult, there are so many amazing websites out there!
Off the top of my head -
Kinderart - for moms of small children, there are lots of lovely craft ideas, printable colouring-in pages etc.
Flylady - for anyone wanting to organise their life!

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how often do you dream at night?
7. I probably dream every night, but about once a month I have a dream that I can remember the next morning.

Did you have a pet as a child? If so, what kind and what was its name?
I had the sweetest fluffy black mongrel called Silky - she was the kind of dog who allowed me to cry into the back of her neck if I was sad. Her only problem was that, given the chance, she would follow me; which is how she ended up at school one day and at a restaurant one particularly memorable lunchtime!

Main Course
If you had the chance to star in a commercial, what would you choose to advertise?
A good homeschooling curriculum - it's something close to my heart.

What is your favorite kind of hard candy?
If it can't be chocolate it would have to be peppermints

Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's a hard, hard life.........

Sometimes life feels like an uphill struggle. This week has felt a bit like a hard slog up a steep mountainside and I am nearly, but not quite, reaching the crest of the hill and it will be called "Friday"! I can't wait!

I am so sorry if I have been a terrible blogger this week. I know there are a few faithful souls out there who do check on this blog regularly and I am sure you are getting tired of no new posts - I humbly apologise. I am sorry that I haven't been around to say "Hi" at the blogs I normally visit - I promise, I will soon be back! I wish I had a better excuse, but all I can say is it has been a rather miserable week.

It's not that anything dreadful has happened, it has just been a busy week work-wise and a bit stressful on the family front too.

Rox is still writing matric exams and the stress is now getting to all of us! I'll be SO glad when it is all over (12 Nov); but then we have the long wait for results, which don't come out until just after Christmas (it's cruel that, I tell ya!).

This week she has been for physio (she gets wicked knots in her neck) and for her first ever job interview (for a holiday job, which she got!) She has also now decided to definitely go and study in Durban next year, so we have set up appointments with a student advisor and have been finalising her accomodation - although, knowing Rox, she might change her mind yet again ;-)

Meanwhile Paula is starting to show the strain of being a slightly over-looked young lady and she has exams looming too. How much more in the way of exam nerves can one family handle?? So all in all it has been fun and games!!

However, we have a promising weekend to look forward to. I am planning a very leisurely Saturday - with plenty of blog time factored in and then on Sunday we are going to the Springbok victory parade in Durban, before visiting family, that we haven't seen for waaay too long, for a braai. Nice!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog Friend Forever

Regina over at Regina's Family Seasons has given me this award. Thank you so much Regina, I love being your blog friend!

I'd like to pass this award on to:

Tammy at The Daily Warrior - Tammy is the most inspirational lady and one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet in the blogosphere.

baby~amore at My Little Drummer Boys - baby-amore and I have a lot in common and we just kind of "clicked" from day one!

Rox at Roxels Rumbles - how could I not give my best friend in the world an award?? Even if she hasn't updated her blog for more than a month......

Carrie at My Lil' Corner of the World - Carrie is another one of those bloggers that I clicked with from the moment I read her blog. She's a sweetie-pie!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Life goes on...

In the poem "Musee Des Beaux Arts", W.H Auden suggests that it is human nature, that in the face of tragedy, life simply goes on. The poem, one of my favourites, is based on the painting "The Fall of Icarus" by Breughel.

The Fall of Icarus, by Breughel

In the painting, the hapless Icarus has fallen into the sea after flying too close to the sun with his man-made wings (those are his legs you can see, flailing about on the lower right hand side of the painting) and life is indeed going on - the shepherd continues to tend his sheep, the farmer ploughs his lands and the ship sails serenely by.

On Thursday night, reggae legend, Lucky Dube was brutally murdered in Johannesburg, in front of two of his children, in a botched hijacking attempt. He leaves a wife, seven children, the youngest of whom is only three months old, and millions of devoted fans. Not only was he a wonderful musician, but by all accounts he was a humble man, who was devoted to his family and his country. I, along with the rest of South Africa, was so saddened to hear of his death and so angry at the senseless wave of violence that is tearing this country apart.

On Saturday night our rugby team won the Rugby World Cup. The undiluted joy that swept through this country was something to behold. It was an event that, for a while at least, unified the nation.

So Lucky Dube died and we mourned and by Saturday night we were celebrating again. Life moved on. Sad, but true.

I can only hope that Lucky's death is not "swept under the rug" because of the more joyous event that followed it. I hope that, seeing as yet another celebrity has been murdered, something will finally be done about the crime situation in this country.

I also hope that the unifying effects of the Rugby World Cup win will stay with us for a very, very long time.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

GO Bokke!!!

The Springboks take on the English tonight in the World Cup Rugby final.

The excitement!

I am sure that John Smit, is going to lead our boys to a stunning victory over England. I reckon he's the best captain we've ever had.


...we've got greased lightening himself - Bryan Habana on our side! He is THE MAN!

AND......we've got Monty who knows how to kick!

THEN ...

...there is my favourite, favourite JP Pietersen! He's a cuddly bunny that we like to call Twinkle Toes, because he makes it look so easy.

AND ...

... we have eye candy in the form of Bobby Skinstad!


How can we lose?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday's Feast 165

If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
A Dachshund for sure. They are inclined to be a little overweight and love food and they are also quite lazy, they aren't particularly friendly but are very loyal to those they love - that's me!

What does the color purple make you think of?

Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?
If I have to I can be ready in half an hour, I'm relatively low maintenance; but I prefer to take things nice and slow.

Main Course
How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them?
I don't have a single cousin, not one!

Take your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter)
GDR = Good Donut Rater

Photo by Meshmar2

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got my brain scanned....sort of!

I found this over at Cotton-Pickin'Days

Yup, that pretty much sums me up, 'specially those little confused looking brain cells!!

Get your brain scanned over at Brainscannr.com

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My first award!

Babyamore of My Little Drummer Boys has very graciously awarded me the Community Blogger Award! Thank you so much!

Community Blogger Award

The Community Blogger Award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one.

I'd like to pass this award on to the following bloggers, who brighten my day by leaving friendly comments and making the blogosphere feel like a community of friends:

Carrie of My Lil Corner of the World
Hsien of Cotton-Pickin Days
Wayfarer Scientista (who teaches me daily that you are never too old to learn, a fascinating blog!)
Fi of There's More to This Life
Linda of {This and That}

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Today is blog action day, if you have a blog please click on the banner above and go and join in the fun!

As I have posted about previously on my blog (here and here), our family is trying to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, which is why I decided to participate in this year’s Blog Action Day.

I don’t have anything earth shatteringly profound to say on the subject and I don’t by any stretch of the imagination consider myself an expert on the topic, but I do feel that we each have a responsibility to start living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and we need to start doing it now.

Since we began trying to “go more green” we have been through a couple of stages:

1. Doubt - Initially I felt like it was going to be too hard, I was a little bit fearful of the whole process and so I procrastinated.

2. This is Such Fun - Once I made my mind up about living in a more environmentally friendly manner (prompted by Paula), it was a novelty and the whole thing seemed like a lot of fun. I began buying organic products and we started our veggie garden and began recycling with gusto!

3. Ho-Hum, booorring! – Once the initial novelty had worn off, all this recycling became a bit of a pain in the butt and I began to become a little under-awed by the whole process

4. Keep on going - this is a really important stage! This is the part where I have realised that, yes, this is a pain in the butt, it is not particularly fun and other than the fresh veggies we have enjoyed from the garden, there are no immediate rewards BUT we need to keep doing this! Our world is depending on us!

We are still in the early stages of our environmentally friendly lifestyle. We do mess up – often! I would love to be doing way better than we are now, but the important thing is that we are trying and I am determined to keep on trying and hopefully as time goes by it will become easier!

If you need some help in making your life style more green, have a look at this fantastic website for tips to get you started and remember you can start out really small – in fact I encourage you to start small, do this in baby steps and you will find it easier to sustain in the long run.

And finally, have a look at this page, for 50, quick painless ways you can help the environment today…and everyday.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blog Action Day

Just a quick heads up - Blog Action day is happening on 15 October 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Please visit the website to find out all about this wonderful initiative aimed at bringing attention to environmental issues.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday at last!

It's been a strange, exhausting week. After Grant's rather grim start to the week, I had a feeling that this may just be the kind of week that I would like to fast forward through. I was right.

On Tuesday evening I had my parents around for dinner. As they were leaving I noticed that our little Jack Russell terrier was sniffing around the fridge rather excitedly. I asked Grant if he could pull the fridge away from the wall to see what the dog was after and as he did so, a rat came running out and over both my feet. Grant and the girls are still laughing about the impromptu Irish jig I did as the rodent made his way over my feet. Eeeuw!!!! It's quite amazing how instinct wins out over lifestyle in dogs. Jackie is the most pampered of pooches, really, she lives a lifestyle that I deeply envy and yet when she got her eyes on that rodent invader, she was all dog - she leapt at it and killed it with one bite to the back of the neck. I was very impressed! Remy was awfully cute and all that, but in my opinion, rats in the kitchen are only tolerated in movies!

On Wednesday Rox wrote her first matric (South African school-leaving) exam. The stress I tell you! I don't remember feeling this way when I wrote exams, when it's your child it is a whole new ball game. My nerves will no doubt be shot until she writes her final paper on the 12 November!

Because she homeschools, Rox had to go to the local high school and write as a "private candidate". Fortunately she knows many of the students at the high school, so although she was very apprehensive, she knew there would be some friendly faces there to greet her. She is one of about forty private candidates and they wrote in the hall with roughly 250 of the students from the school. Wednesday morning was the longest morning, I couldn't wait for her to finish, so that I could hear all about it. She wrote again yesterday, but that was far less nerve-wracking - the first one is always the worst.

I seem to have an ongoing "thing" with wildlife this week - monkeys on Sunday, rats on Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoon I was standing staring blankly out of my bedroom window, as one does, when my gaze fell on a snake basking in the sun on the gazebo. Hmmm, as you will know if you have read my previous post on the subject, I don't "do" snakes. The greeny in me won out this time and I left him to bask there, I'll just be a little more cautious when I go to the gazebo to fill the bird feeder now!
Just to make matters a little more interesting, we are having on-going power cuts this week and they look set to continue for some time yet - one of the joys of living in Africa!
Photo by LonelyBob

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sometime you just know it's not your lucky day...

At the moment my husband, Grant, is having a spectacular run of bad luck and for his sake I am hoping that it is now over!

On Monday I got a phone call from him while he was driving home from work – his engine had just more or less blown up! Bits of it initially shot out the back of his car, oil spewed out all over the road, the car did some alarming bucking and jumping, at which point the vehicle simply died. Now what I know about cars and engines is dangerous, but even I could figure out that this was not good! He was on an exceedingly busy stretch of the freeway, between Durban and Port Shepstone and the rain was bucketing down. Lovely! After a harrowing couple of hours the vehicle was towed to Port Shepstone and his 1 ½ hour trip home was completed in roughly 3 hours – I’m not complaining, at least he made it home in one piece!

Having noticed that we were having rather a rough afternoon, my Dad invited us out to supper. We were all having a lovely, relaxed meal, when I noticed Grant had a weird expression on his face; moments later he removed a large piece of glass from his mouth!! It had been lurking in his enchilada! The poor man….

Just before hopping into bed and putting the lights out on a spectacularly blue Monday, Grant loving laid out his cycling gear and set his alarm for 5am, saying that he couldn’t wait to hop on his bike in the morning and cycle away the day’s stresses. Early on Tuesday I could hear him scuffling around with the distinctive sound of his cleats (clip-in cycling shoes, to those not blessed with MTB maniacs in the family!) on the tiled floors. I opened a groggy eye and looked over at my bedside clock and it said 6:10am. I thought that it was rather strange that Grant was home so early, he normally gets back from his rides at about 6:30am. He walked into the bedroom en-route to the bathroom and I asked him what he was doing, he told me not to be so personal, he was on his way to the loo! I then asked why he was home so early and he said that he hadn’t left yet. Now that got me thinking! I pointed out that he was going to have a hang of a short ride as his lift to Durban was picking him up at 7am……at which point the poor man realised that it was in fact an hour later than he thought – he had set his alarm for 6am instead of 5am. There's just not much you can say to a guy when he's in that kind of pain....

Monday, October 08, 2007


Thanks to an invitation from Charlotte, who blogs at Charlotte’s Web, I have signed up for NaBloPoMo. For the uninitiated, NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) is a month long blogfest that runs for the month of November. The idea is to post something on your blog every single day of November. Quite a challenge!

So, I guess that means you will be hearing a lot more from me in November! I am quite terrified…. Imagine if I forget to post! My homeschooling daughter is writing Matric (S.A school-leaving exams) in November, am I nuts to attempt to do this? Probably! ….. and very excited at the thought.

I would love to hear from any of you who have decided to do NaBloPoMo and I hope that any bloggers out there will accept this as a personal invitation to join me in the challenge! I'd also appreciate any tips from bloggers who have done NaBloPoMo in the past.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Monkey Business

I have a love hate relationship with monkeys. We live in the same area as a fairly large troop of monkeys and to be honest, they get on my nerves.

Now I know the "monkey huggers" will tell you that it is our fault that the monkeys are a menace and to an extent I have to agree. There is no denying that we are invading their territory and they were here first. You get idiots who will insist on feeding the monkeys, which causes them to breed more than they otherwise would and it also causes them to lose their fear of humans, which then leads to them feeling welcome to enter our homes. I once turned around from my computer desk to find a large monkey sitting about a metre behind me with my fruit bowl on his lap, having a feast of note!

I love dogs and there is no way you can be a dog-lover and a monkey-lover too. The monkeys torment my dogs something terrible. They run up and down our garden wall and tease the dogs mercilessly. They have been known to kill dogs twice their size, usually by disembowelling them – not nice! I am trying desperately to grow grass along the edge of my wall and it is simply impossible as the dogs race along the wall after the monkeys and churn up all my newly planted grass in a matter of minutes. To irk me even further, the monkeys feel completely comfortable stealing my newly planted cabbage seedlings and helping themselves to the unripened granadillas on my vine, which drives me nuts. But I think the final straw for me was when they ate the newly hatched chicks of the Hadeda Ibis we had been watching for weeks, those poor hadedas were distraught for days afterwards and I could never look at a monkey in the same way again.


Things changed for a few brief minutes this morning though; I was on my stationary bike (which is kept on the verandah) having my leisurely early morning cycle, when I was treated to an impromptu march past of the monkey equivalent of “The Chippendales”. Where they were going and why it was an all male affair I don’t know, but there they were, resplendent in their technicolour genitalia! Generally they ignore any human beings that happen along their way, but I think they found the spinner fascinating (or maybe I look particularly appealing in the morning?). For some reason, they all lined up in front of me, sat down and settled in for some “people watching”. The dogs hadn’t noticed them, so there was complete silence as they looked at me and I looked at them. The moment was spoilt somewhat by one of them having a huge wee on my wall, but still, it was fun and I think they enjoyed it as much as I did. For a few minutes I actually appreciated the monkeys on my doorstep!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday's Feast 163

{Featured Flickr Feast by jason+amanda}

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?
3. Generally I don't look forward to my birthday really, it's much like any other day in my life, but my next birthday is a biggie (40th) so I am quite looking forward to this one.

What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?
cruelty - it sounds horrid and conjures up ugly pictures in my head.

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?
I wear transition lenses in my reading glasses, they are very ordinary-looking, gold half-frame, plain glasses

Main Course
If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?
To my husband and children

Name a beverage that you enjoy.
I absolutely love ginger ale - if I could live entirely on ginger ale I would be very happy indeed.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Don't speak!

On Saturday I woke up and I had no voice, literally, all I could produce was a pathetic squeak and a hoarse whisper. The family were of course delighted (when they weren't rolling around laughing!), here was a legitimate excuse not to follow any instructions all day.

I had a terrible day. Never had I realised how much I depend on verbal communication (again, the family will beg to differ, they will tell you that I never shut up!) But seriously, there were times on Saturday when I felt quite panicky because I couldn't speak.

As I was feeling quite ill, Rox offered to do my shopping for me, she agreed to pay with her debit card and I would then transfer the money into her account electronically. She got to the supermarket and did the trolley load of shopping, only to get to the till as they went off line - meaning she couldn't pay with her debit card. In a panic, she phoned me to ask what to do....... have you ever tried to have a phone conversation with no voice?!

My gardener, Simon, comes on a Saturday. He is a delightful, elderly Zulu man, who loves his job, he doesn't stop singing from the moment he begins work, until he gets out of the shower at the end of the day. Grant and I are both very fond of him, but there is one problem with our relationship - I am ashamed to admit that Grant and I speak "kitchen Zulu", this means that we know lots of words and can sound quite impressive, but when faced with a true Zulu linguist, we are completely lost - Simon speaks only real, genuine, proper Zulu.

This small issue of language has led to many hilarious situations. On one occasion, Simon came and told Grant a looong story in his fluent Zulu, Grant gave his standard reply in these situations, "Yebo!" - meaning "Yes!". Grant later came and told me that he had agreed to something, but he wasn't quite sure what, which made me just a tad nervous - with reason, it turned out that Grant had agreed to Simon jumping over our garden wall and stealing one of our neighbour's small banana trees, which is now growing in our garden, being faithfully nurtured and tended by Simon!!!

On Saturday the communication situation was even more hilarious. Simon arrived when I was home alone. The routine is that at about 9am I take him his breakfast of tea and toast. Well on Saturday I stood there, bearing the tea and toast and calling "Simon", while Simon was raking leaves and singing at the top of his lungs! For a while I got side-tracked by my own pathetic voice, I realised that I sounded exactly like Kate Winslet's character in "Titanic", when she lies there trying to call the life-boat back, hoarsely whispering "Help....help" It was quite a touching moment, but then I realised that the tea was burning me and the toast was getting cold. So I went back to squeak-whispering Simon's name as I walked towards him This time our communication was spot on - there stood Simon roaring with laughter at my pathetic voice and I knew exactly what he and I were both thinking..... "dumb woman!"

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons, by Katie Tegtmeyer

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wordless Wednesday 7 - The ostrich gets fed


Tag.....I'm it!

I was tagged by Linda of {this and that} for this meme (do go and visit her lovely blog - she has really good background music playing too, always puts me in a good mood!)

1) What I was doing ten years ago: Ten years ago we were living in the midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal. My youngest was a very busy 2 year old, my eldest was in Grade 2 and I was working part-time. It was a hectic time in my life!

2.) Five years ago: My husband, Grant, was working in the UK and would only come home every 6 months or so, for a few weeks; I was, on the whole, a single mom! It was a tough time and I wouldn't want to go back there, but in many ways it was a special time too - every time Grant came home it was like a honeymoon and the girls and I bonded in a very special way.

3) One year ago: Paula’s asthma hadn’t started, so I didn’t have that worry and Rox wasn’t about to write her finals, so I didn’t have that stress, but other than that, not much has changed in the last year.

4.) Yesterday: (Sunday) We had a very relaxing day yesterday. We went and had breakfast at the Wimpy and then came home and Grant and I got stuck into the garden, it then began to rain, so we came in and I snuggled on my bed with a book (bliss!) and later on Rox and I made pancakes and we all tucked in.

5.) 5 snacks I enjoy: potato chips, hummus and veggies, chicktong (kinda like biltong (beef jerky), but made with chicken fillets – it’s strangely addictive!), fruit, dark chocolate

6.) 5 Things I would do if I suddenly had $100 million: Oh my goodness, $100 million would go a loooong way! I would pay off our debt, invest a nice big sum of money, buy a bigger house and lots and lots of lovely clothes, get Rox a nice car and Paula that quad bike she longs for, go on a fantabulous overseas holiday and I would also donate a whole lot of money to our local AIDS orphanage, Rehoboth, and to the AIDS hospice run by our church.

7.) 5 locations I would like to run away to: I’d love to see the USA, go back to the UK, visit friends in Australia, see Switzerland and Italy.

8.) 5 bad habits I have: Not exercising like I should, procrastinating, worrying about things I have no control over, eating too much dark chocolate and spending waaay too much time on line!

9.) 5 things I like doing: Blogging, reading, spending time at the mall with my daughters, watching romantic comedies and faffing around in the garden.

10.) 5 TV shows I like: I don’t watch much TV at all, but I love Grey’s anatomy, South African Survivor, South African Idols, and the World Cup Rugby (but only when S.A is playing), I know it is lame, but I also watch The Bachelor when that is on!

11.) 5 things I hate doing: ironing, driving (I only drive because I have to and I really don’t enjoy it, but I admit that my new car makes it a whole lot more fun!), socialising with people I have no connection with, exercise and washing floors.

12.) 5 Biggest joys of the moment: My children (I LOVE those girls of mine!), spending time with my hubby, my faith, South Africa doing well in the rugby World Cup, my computer is back up and running after being down all weekend!

I tag:
crickl's nest
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