Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Today is blog action day, if you have a blog please click on the banner above and go and join in the fun!

As I have posted about previously on my blog (here and here), our family is trying to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, which is why I decided to participate in this year’s Blog Action Day.

I don’t have anything earth shatteringly profound to say on the subject and I don’t by any stretch of the imagination consider myself an expert on the topic, but I do feel that we each have a responsibility to start living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and we need to start doing it now.

Since we began trying to “go more green” we have been through a couple of stages:

1. Doubt - Initially I felt like it was going to be too hard, I was a little bit fearful of the whole process and so I procrastinated.

2. This is Such Fun - Once I made my mind up about living in a more environmentally friendly manner (prompted by Paula), it was a novelty and the whole thing seemed like a lot of fun. I began buying organic products and we started our veggie garden and began recycling with gusto!

3. Ho-Hum, booorring! – Once the initial novelty had worn off, all this recycling became a bit of a pain in the butt and I began to become a little under-awed by the whole process

4. Keep on going - this is a really important stage! This is the part where I have realised that, yes, this is a pain in the butt, it is not particularly fun and other than the fresh veggies we have enjoyed from the garden, there are no immediate rewards BUT we need to keep doing this! Our world is depending on us!

We are still in the early stages of our environmentally friendly lifestyle. We do mess up – often! I would love to be doing way better than we are now, but the important thing is that we are trying and I am determined to keep on trying and hopefully as time goes by it will become easier!

If you need some help in making your life style more green, have a look at this fantastic website for tips to get you started and remember you can start out really small – in fact I encourage you to start small, do this in baby steps and you will find it easier to sustain in the long run.

And finally, have a look at this page, for 50, quick painless ways you can help the environment today…and everyday.


Wayfarer Scientista said...

Nice Gill! I particularly like #4 which I think is the hard part for most people.

Marsha said...

great post Gill... I was aware of Action Blog Day but really didn't feel like I had anything specific to post about. Thanks for the ideas!

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