Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday at last!

It's been a strange, exhausting week. After Grant's rather grim start to the week, I had a feeling that this may just be the kind of week that I would like to fast forward through. I was right.

On Tuesday evening I had my parents around for dinner. As they were leaving I noticed that our little Jack Russell terrier was sniffing around the fridge rather excitedly. I asked Grant if he could pull the fridge away from the wall to see what the dog was after and as he did so, a rat came running out and over both my feet. Grant and the girls are still laughing about the impromptu Irish jig I did as the rodent made his way over my feet. Eeeuw!!!! It's quite amazing how instinct wins out over lifestyle in dogs. Jackie is the most pampered of pooches, really, she lives a lifestyle that I deeply envy and yet when she got her eyes on that rodent invader, she was all dog - she leapt at it and killed it with one bite to the back of the neck. I was very impressed! Remy was awfully cute and all that, but in my opinion, rats in the kitchen are only tolerated in movies!

On Wednesday Rox wrote her first matric (South African school-leaving) exam. The stress I tell you! I don't remember feeling this way when I wrote exams, when it's your child it is a whole new ball game. My nerves will no doubt be shot until she writes her final paper on the 12 November!

Because she homeschools, Rox had to go to the local high school and write as a "private candidate". Fortunately she knows many of the students at the high school, so although she was very apprehensive, she knew there would be some friendly faces there to greet her. She is one of about forty private candidates and they wrote in the hall with roughly 250 of the students from the school. Wednesday morning was the longest morning, I couldn't wait for her to finish, so that I could hear all about it. She wrote again yesterday, but that was far less nerve-wracking - the first one is always the worst.

I seem to have an ongoing "thing" with wildlife this week - monkeys on Sunday, rats on Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoon I was standing staring blankly out of my bedroom window, as one does, when my gaze fell on a snake basking in the sun on the gazebo. Hmmm, as you will know if you have read my previous post on the subject, I don't "do" snakes. The greeny in me won out this time and I left him to bask there, I'll just be a little more cautious when I go to the gazebo to fill the bird feeder now!
Just to make matters a little more interesting, we are having on-going power cuts this week and they look set to continue for some time yet - one of the joys of living in Africa!
Photo by LonelyBob


Dana said...

oh what a curious picture but i like it. happy ww

Anonymous said...

OY!!!!!!!!! Snakes and Rats ..... ACK!!!!!!! You're a brave woman!!

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