Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I got tagged!

Regina tagged me with this meme a while back – so here goes, I hope my memory serves me correctly!

10 years ago:
We were living near to Pietermaritzburg, in the little town that I did most of my growing up in. I was working part-time in my father’s accounting business (some things never change.) Paula was two years old, so she was keeping me very busy! Roxy was 7 years old and she was attending a lovely little private school, where she was having the time of her life. Grant was working in real estate. It was a busy, but good time in our lives.

20 years ago:
I was working at a bank in that same little town. Grant was doing his compulsory national service (army training!) It was not a good time for us! Although I have to say that I really enjoyed working in the bank, which is quite surprising, being an introvert by nature, I imagined I would find it very difficult being in a service industry. Funnily enough I took to it straight away. I worked in the bank until Rox was 6 months old and then I realised that working long hours was not conducive to being a mommy.

30 years ago:
Now we are talking ancient history! I was 9 years old. My mother had recently married her 3rd husband (I have a Much Married Mother!) so I was on Daddy Number 3 at the age of nine! Luckily for me, I have had 2 wonderful step-fathers, so I emerged from my childhood relatively unscathed. We were living in Durban at that time. My best friend, Lisa, and I spent every waking moment together. (Lisa and I are still close, although she now lives in the UK – I’m seeing her in less than a month, I can’t wait!) We went to school, visited at each other’s houses, swam, talked non-stop, I went to dancing lessons and with the rest of my time I read lots and lots of books.

So that’s my history, in a nutshell! Whoever reads this and would like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!


Sara said...

Love the layout of your blog! I found you through NaBloPoMo. :) It's nice to see someone on there in my age group.

Patois said...

What a great history. And I didn't realize you were so very, very young!

Regina said...

Hey Gill,
I'm glad you got around to doing this meme, it was very interesting! Thanks for the glimpse into you! We are very close in age. Did you say you were an introvert... huuummm, uuuhh OK! me too, but I've been told otherwise, go figure!

Tori said...

I loved learning about your past. Thanks for sharing.
Be well

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