Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's a hard, hard life.........

Sometimes life feels like an uphill struggle. This week has felt a bit like a hard slog up a steep mountainside and I am nearly, but not quite, reaching the crest of the hill and it will be called "Friday"! I can't wait!

I am so sorry if I have been a terrible blogger this week. I know there are a few faithful souls out there who do check on this blog regularly and I am sure you are getting tired of no new posts - I humbly apologise. I am sorry that I haven't been around to say "Hi" at the blogs I normally visit - I promise, I will soon be back! I wish I had a better excuse, but all I can say is it has been a rather miserable week.

It's not that anything dreadful has happened, it has just been a busy week work-wise and a bit stressful on the family front too.

Rox is still writing matric exams and the stress is now getting to all of us! I'll be SO glad when it is all over (12 Nov); but then we have the long wait for results, which don't come out until just after Christmas (it's cruel that, I tell ya!).

This week she has been for physio (she gets wicked knots in her neck) and for her first ever job interview (for a holiday job, which she got!) She has also now decided to definitely go and study in Durban next year, so we have set up appointments with a student advisor and have been finalising her accomodation - although, knowing Rox, she might change her mind yet again ;-)

Meanwhile Paula is starting to show the strain of being a slightly over-looked young lady and she has exams looming too. How much more in the way of exam nerves can one family handle?? So all in all it has been fun and games!!

However, we have a promising weekend to look forward to. I am planning a very leisurely Saturday - with plenty of blog time factored in and then on Sunday we are going to the Springbok victory parade in Durban, before visiting family, that we haven't seen for waaay too long, for a braai. Nice!


Lucy said...

things have a tendency to get crazy once in a while! I'm sure your other readers would agree with me when I say "no worries!" Blogging shouldn't add to our daily stresses. Hope you enjoy your leisurely weekend!

Linda said...

Life does seems to hit us with too much occasionally. I think that's what makes us enjoy our quite time even more. Enjoy your visiting with your family this weekend.

Regina said...

Life is known for throwing us those little curve balls, but then God gave us WEEKENDS! AIN'T IT GREAT! Enjoy your family Life is too short as evidenced by the world around us. So enjoy it!

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