Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 things...

10 Things I liked as a teenager that I really don’t care for now:
1. very loud music
2. motorbikes (not that I ever rode one you understand!)
3. hair gel
4. neon coloured clothes
5. Tequila
6. smoking
7. coffee
8. sunburn
9. talking on the phone – I hate it!! (except when it’s my friend Gerda on the other end….)
10. late nights

10 things I didn’t like as a teenager that I do like now:
1. silence
2. cross-stitching
3. cooking
4. relaxing holidays
5. bird-watching
6. maturity
7. scrapbooking
8. early nights
9. early mornings
10. dark chocolate

10 things that I didn’t like as a teen and still don’t like:
1. discriminatory behaviour
2. sport
3. steak and kidney pie
4. violence
5. ironing
6. Prince Charles
7. public speaking
8. blasphemy
9. Campari
10. country music

10 things I liked as a teen and still do:
1. The Bee-Gees (truly, I did and I do!)
2. dogs
3. Grant!!!
4. reading
5. chocolate
6. The movie “Ghost”
7. romantic comedies
8. the sea
9. ice cream
10. shopping

This idea was stolen from Sara (with her permission!) feel free to steal the idea - if you do, please leave a comment so that I can read your post.


Regina said...

Hey There Gill,
very nice list. I like the beegees too. They didn't make my list but i still like them!
Come on by and check out my list.

Blessings, Regina

Jeanne said...

What a great list! Good thing we grow up, hey :) I liked strawberry-flavour Esprit as a teen. Too ghastly! I loved Duran Duran and I'm proud to say I still do - saw the original line-up touring in 2005 which was like a dream come true. And I'm with you on still not liking sport!

Marsha said...

I agree completely with your country music entry and all of your last ten things except shopping... I hate shopping! Then and now!

I would probably do this list if I had time but I am stretched right now. This is the first visit I've made to friends sites in a couple of weeks.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Mrs Coetser said...

That's really cool

I may do it some time later.

Also like the Bee-Gees!

baby~amore' said...

brilliant lists ... if only I could remember my teens

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