Monday, November 05, 2007

5 Good Things

Hsien over at Cotton-Pickin' Days did this brilliant post on 5 good things and I have shamelessly stolen her good idea!

So here are 5 items that I could not live without:

My memory stick. Every person in our house has their own memory stick. My life is pretty much on my memory stick!

My cell phone. I could not live without my phone – okay I probably could, but I would be verrry miserable!

The digital camera, to be precise, Rox’s digital camera. The funny thing is I have a digital camera, but I'm just a little bit scared of it, so I generally yell for Rox to come and take photos for me. What will I do when my girl leaves home?

My new tin opener. Is it just me or does every one battle to find a decent tin opener? I have bought no less than 3 tin openers this year and finally, finally I have found one that works!

The water filter. Grant and I treated ourselves to a counter top water filter machine for Christmas last year. It was an exceedingly good buy. Water tastes so much better coming from the machine and I have peace of mind, knowing that all the nasties have been removed! It has a water heater as well as a water cooler, which means that making my mug of herbal tea is easy-peasy. None of us are great water drinkers, but since the arrival of the water filter we are all drinking a lot more water than we used to.


baby~amore' said...

excellent idea Gill (err albeit inspired).I think very few people think they could live without their mobile phone. I would like to see you using your digital camera ... you still have 25 days.

Linda said...

I've been using the same can opener for 30 years or more. Fortunately where I live we have very good water. I think it is a waste to buy water bottles.

Rachelle G. said...

Isn't it interesting how different our lists would be just ten years ago? We're so lucky to have all these electronic wonders.

Regina said...

Hey Gill,
Very interesting choices. I'm going to post mine tomorrow morning so that I have something to post (I think it is too early in this 30 days to be encountering writers block!).
Thanks for coming by my spot. I've had so many awesome words of encouragement over the past few days and you have certainly delivered many of those encouraging words! So for that I thank you!

Jeanne said...

Oh I am SO with you on memory sticks! I have a giant 4GB stick that carries my life on it. It has meant that I never again have to carry a backpack full of heavy photos to show the family on trips to SA :) And of course my digital camera... I love it about as much as I love my limbs!

Lucy said...

gill... What the heck is a memory stick? My memory is so poor I can use what ever help there is out there! thanks :)

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