Monday, November 19, 2007

'Fessing up!

I have a couple of really annoying bad habits, well to be honest I am sure there are more than a couple, but here are two bad habits I am willing to confess to.

By far the worst is the habit I have of finishing other people’s sentences for them. It is such an irritating habit and I am working extremely hard to stop myself from doing it. I would be more than a little annoyed if someone kept on finishing my sentences for me, so who do I do it to other people? Who knows? But it’s got to stop!

Another habit is something I picked up from my aunt. My Aunt Pam was an absolute sweetheart and I loved her to bits, she was the epitome of a gentlewoman, but she had this one funny quirk – if I was staying over at her house, in the morning she would come into the bedroom with a cup of coffee for me and then she would sit at the dressing table and investigate my toiletries – she’d have a sample of my face cream, a squirt of my perfume, rub on a little of my hand cream. This would happen whenever I visited her without fail. I gather this little ritual was not reserved only for my cosmetics, it happened with almost any female houseguest. Personally I found it very endearing, and I came to look forward to those early morning chats and “toiletry sessions”, but Pam thought that this fascination with other people’s toiletries was quite embarrassing and would always apologise for it (not that it stopped her ;-)).

Not long ago, I stayed over at my parent’s house and as I was showering I realised that I was using my mom’s shower gel, not mine which was right there next to me. Then it dawned on me, I hadn’t used my toiletries at all, I’d been sampling my mother’s shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body scrub to my heart’s content and loving every minute of it! Casting my mind back I realise I do this to my daughter too, if I wander into Rox's bedroom for a chat I will often investigate her cosmetics while I am there. We’ve got strong genes in this family!!

Over to you, what annoying habits and crazy quirks are you willing to own up to?


Regina said...

I think the whole going through others toiletries is more of a way of connecting with the other person as opposed to just being nosey (just my opinion)!
I think my most annoying trait is the need to have my surrounding area neat & tidy. Now you may think that is not a bad trait but I can't go into the bathroom to use it without straightening something up. I try to watch a movie with the kids and I must fluff the pillows first! I think I really realized it was a problem this morning when I was standing on my front porch waiting for my ride to work when I suddenly ran back inside to get the broom and swept the fallen leaves off the porch!
huuummmm, just a few OCD traits!!

Jeanne said...

Ummm... my most annoying habit would be terminal unpunctuality!! It's an awful one to 'fess up to because it's so easy to fix. But I seriously have been like this my entire life - I overestimate what I can realistically do in the time available. My (flimsy) excuse is that my parents were exactly the same and I must have got it from them... My husband woudl also add leaving my bag and shoes on the stairs where he can trip over them. But then he talks over other people and finishes their sentences for them ;-) AND uses my towel if he gets the chance!!

Wendy said...

I'm really risking embarrassing myself with this, but the annoying habit I'll confess to here is that I drink straight out of the water pitcher in our refrigerator, instead of using a glass. I definitely picked it up from my father, and though I tried to stop some years back, I've finally given into the habit by rationalizing that I'm saving myself the trouble of having yet another glass to wash when I do the dishes.

But that's the ONLY one I'm going to admit to. ;)

Loz said...

i was going to say...