Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes.....

From day one, I have worked hard at teaching my daughters that discrimination is not acceptable. I buy into "the world according to Scatman" - where it is the "colour of the soul" that counts. It doesn’t matter whether it is based on differences in race, gender, sexual preference, religion, or anything else for that matter, I don't tolerate discrimination.

Fortunately, my children haven’t come face to face with very many overt incidences of discrimination. Because of our unique situation with Impi, as a “racially blended family” we attract the odd stare, the odd double take and the occasional comical reaction, it doesn’t bug us, or Impi, and we often have a good laugh about it.

For the first time ever, Paula came face to face with an incident of racism that really “rattled her cage” a couple of weeks ago. She had been taken to someone’s house to watch rugby, while staying over at a friend’s home and apparently one of the adults made a horrible racially derogatory remark about a South African rugby player (J P Pietersen) who happens to be Paula’s favourite and who happens to be a black man. In her own words, Paula “was furious and actually felt like calling the man something very ugly, but knew that, that wouldn’t be right” (whew, thankfully!!) so instead she announced to the group in general that she really loved J P Pietersen and that she thought he was a fantastic rugby player. I can just imagine the look on her face and the tone of voice as she said this! LOL!

I have no doubt that Paula got her message across and I can only hope that the adult in question felt rather shame-faced at being rapped over the knuckles by a 12 year old. I am really proud of Paula for standing up for what she believed in, for having the courage of her convictions and for being bold enough to retaliate in the only way she felt she could as a young girl in a group of adults.

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Jeanne said...

Hey, I haven't heard Scatman's World in ages! Used to love it when it came out... Such a feel-good song! I'm glad your daughter had the grace and presence of mind to say what she thought without stooping to the level of the guy making the racist remarks. Good for her!

Canary said...

Hey! dropped in from Lotus reads' blog.. having a nice fly :)

Thanks for this sensitive post!


Regina said...

Well, good for Paula! She handled that with poise and grace, but still made an impact!
It shows her awesome upbringing!

Patois said...

A proud moment for her momma, I think. Good for all of you.

Fee said...

Wow, Paula did well! Yeh,you should be proud of her!
Great post!

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