Thursday, November 22, 2007

Obscene wealth takes on new meaning

You might recall that a while back I ranted a little about the extremely wealthy and how little they do for the poorest of the poor in South Africa ?

My blogging friend Redness recently sent me a link to a blog post and related newspaper article that left me gobsmacked. It would appear that the South African Krok brothers have bought the most expensive house in Australia and are planning to knock it down and build a brand new house on the site – they effectively paid 29.5 million Australian Dollars for a piece of land! The mind boggles!

According to sources, the Krok brothers began life as the twin sons of poor European emigrants. They made their fortune by, amongst other things, patenting and marketing a skin lightening cream, which was eventually found to be carcinogenic and taken off the market. They were also the creators of Gold Reef City, a combination of museum of the history of gold in South Africa and amusement park. When they wanted to open a casino at Gold Reef City the Gaming Board agreed to legitimise the casino, provided the brothers undertook a social development project of some sort, hence the development of the Apartheid Museum.

Nice for some!!


Patois said...

I am a believer that we are rewarded for what we did in life once we die. By the same token, I believe we are made to pay for what we failed to do. That belief gets me through stories such as this.

baby~amore' said...

wow - I never heard this story. Totally obscene misuse of wealth.

sognatrice said...

Ugh. Blech. Aaaaaaaaah!

Jeanne said...

Well, I suppose we can be glad SOME good has come out of their ill-gotten gains. Everybody I know who has been to the Apartheid Museum has said only good things about it, and it is an aspect of our history that deserved a museum devoted to it.

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