Saturday, November 10, 2007

Seven Random And/Or Weird things about Me:

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7 Random And/Or Weird Facts About Me:

1. I do not ride a bicycle. I live with a "mountain biking mad" family and the only bike I will get onto is my stationary bike. I have a very valid reason for not cycling: when I was 11 years old I fell off my bike in spectacular fashion and have not been on a bike since. My fall was impressive, I flew over the handle bars and glided ungracefully to a halt, face first, on a gravel driveway at the feet of a group of people. Apart from some spectacular grazes, I broke my heel and severed some tendons. I spent about a month in a cast, but that was nothing compared to the humiliation and damaged pride LOL!

2. I have not seen my "birth father" since I was 11 years old. (Seems like the year I was 11 was quite a significant one for me!) I used to go to him for holidays quite regularly and I loved him, but once he re-married (and I acquired some step-siblings who hated me) the holidays became very unpleasant, one year I refused to go and I have not seen him since. It does bother me a bit.

3. I went down a really steep water slide called the "Temple of Courage" at Sun City. The description on the website goes like this: The speed slide begins at the aptly named ruins of the Temple of Courage. Here swimmers drop a heart stopping 17 meters, equal to the height of a four-story building. They slide down a 70-meter long chute, hurtle under a bridge and gradually come to gentle halt, in the chute.... Now I know that this might seem like a very minor, arbitary thing to you; but for me it was HUGE. I am a terrible, terrible naff - really, I epitomise the words "scaredy cat". One day, about 15 years ago we were standing watching people come down this slide and in a moment of sheer madness (I still marvel at it) I said something along the lines of "I'd like to do that" - of course the family all fell about laughing. My pride was then at stake, so I said something along the lines of "Watch me!" and I headed up that steep hillside thinking "What possessed me to say that?" "Oh grief, what was I thinking?!" etc etc. I got to the top and I was completely freaking out and down t h e r e was my family, canning themselves laughing, not for one minute did they believe I would actually do it. I got on that slide, gritted my teeth, shut my eyes and down I went, to emerge at the bottom with the worst wedgie, having had some unexpected colonic irrigation (!!!) but exceedingly proud of myself. The family still talk about it every year when we go there - it's become something of a family legend LOL.

4. I have a phobia about travelling in cars. I am fine in and around town, but travelling on the open road is a nightmare for me. Grant, Paula and I were involved in quite a serious car accident in 1995 and 4 months (to the day) later my brother was killed in a car accident. After the accidents I used to sometimes have full-blown panic attacks when we were driving long distances, I have more or less got it under control now, but I still have my "moments".

5. I collect sea glass - you know the little bits of broken glass that have been rubbed smooth by the sea sand and ocean, I have a jar full of bits of glass that we have collected over the years.

6. My most embarrassing moment: I was pregnant with Paula and had this big belly and huge boobs. One morning I had showered and was sitting at the dressing table in nothing but an unlovely pair of knickers, creaming my face, when the elderly handyman who was busy fixing our louvre windows (in the lounge!) at the time, opened the bedroom door and walked into the bedroom. I don't know who got the bigger shock! I leapt off the chair and stood there completely speechless, the poor old man stood there transfixed at the sight of my large belly and spectacular bosom, apologising profusely (instead of just getting out of there!) Apparently he had not realised there was anyone at home and came to check on the condition of the bedroom windows, which were next on his list. To make matters worse, he became one of my clients at work a couple of years later - I couldn't see him without blushing, while his eyes would inevitably wander to my now rather depleted, sad-looking chest!!

7. As a young child I had not one, but 3 imaginary friends, "Hyacinth", "Tinkerbell" and my nearest and dearest, "Podgy". It apparently made life quite difficult for my family as they were perpetually sitting on imaginary people, unleashing floods of tears and hysterics. This rather bizarre childhood episode meant that I was very well prepared for the arrival of Paula's imaginary friend "Minstaya". Grant and Rox were baffled, bemused and at a complete loss as to how to deal with this "invisible friend", I sailed through it and earned myself numerous brownie points by enquiring as to Minstaya's well being, her dietary requirements etc. etc.

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Just Jen said...

I really enjoyed your random things. I'll let you know when I post mine!
I laughed out loud several times, very entertaining. Get back on the bike, it's like the ol' addage of the
Biggest wedgie...i'm still laughing.
Can't laugh about the cars one, I have the same phobia. ;)
My sis use to collect sea glass and make mosaics out of it. I'm not talented in that way.
The naked pregnant part sent me into tears, that is absolutely hilarious! Thanks for posting it!
Ditto on the imaginary friends!
Ok, I'm off to think of 7 random things...mmm...

Just Jen said...

Ok, mine's done! That was fun, thanks for taggin' me!

Linda said...

You have me in stitches!! Those are hilarious stories. LOL

I'll let you know when I get mine up. Thanks for the tag.

Patois said...

At first, I was so very sad with your postings, but then you pulled out some very funny ones. I'm sorry about your birth father. Although, given his actions, you're better off.

Redness said...

Done Gill - I think I've gone on a bit much but then ... ;~)

Nana said...

Hi Gill! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get over here to find my TAG! Of course, I am the tag and meme queen, so of course I will take the tag! I'll try to get it up sometime today (Tuesday)... but now I'm heading up to bed! :)

I definitely understand you little "wedgie" dilemma when you went down that water slide! My youngest daughter and I tried the one in Disney World -- SAME thing happened to BOTH of us! We were absolutely amazed that ANYONE ever gets on that thing a 2nd time!!! ROFL! It WAS a great ride -- but geeeez! Not worth THAT!!!

Nana said...

shoot! The Nana Banana is MELLI! I'm on my new Nana account - and I forgot! LOL!

Redness said...

Had to say THANK YOU for such a fabulous, fun experience Gill. I was hesitant tagging but got a sensational result from my 7 tags! Yay ;~)