Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shelly Beach Clean-Up

Today we went to the first ever (that I know of!) Shelly Beach Clean-up. It was such fun! Okay the wind blew a bit, which we could have done without, but other than that, I have no complaints ;-) We met up with some friends and made an outing of it and the bonus was that we all did our bit to clean up our local beach.

On arrival all helpers (even the very small ones!) were given T-Shirts, black bin bags, a cool-drink and a surgical glove and then off we went. It was so encouraging to see the number of youngsters who pitched in and did their bit to make our beach more user-friendly for the holiday makers who arrive in their droves at this time of year.


Regina said...

Awesome! I love it when you see children doing community service, what a great testimony! I'm sure you all had a blast!

Blessings, Regina

baby~amore' said...

brilliant way to give back and help your own community. We have clean up Australia day in OZ. Well done.

Mrs Coetser said...

It is really good to get the children involved early.

I remember doing walk from further up coast and ending at Shelly Beach.
Did I tell you that I am orginally from Durbs.

Charlotte said...

I used to love Shelly Beach, especially in the days when it was still shelly! Well done to all of you for cleaning it up.

Jeanne said...

Well done you! I sometimes take a plastic bag with me to Robberg Beach in Plett and just pick up any rubbish I find on my walk, but have never been involved in anything as organised as this.

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