Thursday, November 01, 2007

The start of NaBloPoMo

Today marks the start of NaBloPoMo. NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month – the deal is that for the month of November participants post on their blogs every single day. Brace yourselves people, I am going to be around a lot more than usual!

For those of you who have not yet gotten around to signing up – this is your last chance! Do it! Hop on over to the main NaBloPoMo page and register and when you’ve done that, please invite me to be your friend, my profile page is here.

For those of you who don’t have blogs and figure that you can’t join in on the fun for that reason (Hi Moira!!! I’m waving at you), that’s no excuse – now is the time to get a blog and join in on all the fun you are missing. Hop on over to Blogger (or Wordpress, or Typepad...) and start a blog – you won’t be sorry, honest you won't, it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on! It’s also very, very easy, much easier than you think. If you need any help in getting started, email me (my email address is in my profile) and I will give you a hand - now there's an invitation you can't refuse!


baby~amore' said...

I am joining you ... keep me inspired won't you.

Rachelle G. said...

I agree -- most fun you can have with your clothes on, LOL. Happy first day of NaBloPoMo! I'll try and check in with you as often as I can.

Regina said...

Hi there Gill,
I plan to go over now. I had not heard of this before (being so new to blogging!) but I have no problem posting every day!!

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