Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today I am thankful for our pets, who bring our family so much joy and laughter.

Our gentle old lady, Nala

Grant with Chloe when she was a pup

Chloe when she was a "teenager" - what a life!

Jax and Chloe

Jax - queen of all she surveys!


Regina said...

how cute! Hey my cat's name is Nala!

ONwebCHECK said...

nice photos :) happy WW

Jeanne said...

Chloe in her teenage years is such a classic pic! It's amazing how much joy pets can bring. We don't even own cats but the neighbours cats treat our house as their own and we adore them for it. I swear my hsband talks to the cat first before he talks to me in the evening after work!

Lucy said...

a fellow dog lover! I knew I liked you. Your dogs are adorable. :)

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