Thursday, November 29, 2007

What happens when you google your name?

I googled my name and discovered that:

  • there is a Gillian Richardson who is a children’s author

  • there’s a Gillian Richardson who is a social worker

  • a Gillian Richardson works as a swim coach

  • there’s a Gillian Richardson who is a landscape photographer (and who takes some pretty amazing photographs!)

  • there is a Gillian Richardson who is a film producer

So what happens when you google your name??

I got this idea from Rachelle at Seek First His Kingdom


Lucy said...

Oh Shit! ( may I say this on your blog Gill? ) if so
OH SHIT! Googling my name brought me to a faith site with someone asking for prayers for their mother with the same name as mine who has just died at 88!
freaking me out!

Regina said...

hey there Gill,
I just finished googling my name and it is so weird! I popped up 4 times, once when I won a dvd, once for a marketing company that I used at my job and then twice in my job annual report which is online.
Then I found others with my name! Wow, very strange! Thanks for the idea. So of course I know have to go to my blog and write about it!

Mrs Coetser said...


Gill said...

Lucy that is actually VERY freaky! Glad you did it Regina - it's interesting isn't it!

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