Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is your learning style?

I have 2 daughters who both have exactly the same parents, who grew up in exactly the same home and yet you could not find 2 girls more different. There is a lot of fodder for blogging here, so you are bound to hear more about this subject, but for today I will focus on their learning styles.

Rox is an energetic girl, she does not like “book learning” but enjoys active learning, such as experiments and field trips. She likes her learning experience to be “delight-directed”. If she finds something interesting she has no problem with concentrating on that subject, but if the subject matter is “dry and boring” in her opinion, you are going to have a hang of a time getting her to knuckle down and work! Believe me, I know! She loves Biology and I have had a hard time convincing her that doing Biology and only Biology every day does not constitute a balanced approach to learning….

Paula on the other hand enjoys book learning, workbooks, computer based learning. I plan on homeschooling Paula through high school and intend using a textbook-based approach with her. (For those South Africans who know about this stuff, I’m thinking TCE – any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated!) I know that Paula would find it quite alarming to “go with the flow” and learn about what interests us on any given day. She would be most unhappy if there was no structure to her learning experience, she’s the kind of girl who wants a timetable stuck on the wall above her desk and best we stick to it, or else!

I got my girls to do the free learning styles tests that can be found here and I found the results very interesting. The results are presented in the form of a graph, as well as the numeric values for the 7 learning styles (visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social and solitary). I plan to spend some time on the website reading about the various styles. I don't think it would hurt to incorporate ideas regarding her learning styles into my plans for her homeschooling.

Paula's results are below:


Bohemian Mom said...

I find this amazing. Both your girls sound fabulous and kudos to you for homeschooling.
I know a couple people who homeschool, but to them it just means letting their kids sit in front of the T.V.,computer and video games all day, every day.
SO when I read of a mother, truly dedicated to teaching her children, it renews my faith in homeschooling. Your're doing a great job and that chart is fascinating.

Kelly Mahoney said...

I took that test in high school that tells you how you learn best. It wasn't really helpful to me -- the blocks were pretty even.

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