Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I don’t know whether it stems from the fact that I recently turned 40 (any milestone birthday seems to have the effect of making me take stock of my life), or whether it is simply a result of the restlessness and vague, but noticeable, discontent that I have been feeling lately; but I have decided it is time to make some changes in my life. I need to tweak things, to shake things up a little.

I think the problem is that, for way too long, I have been so busy attending to the mundane details of daily life; the needs of my household, the daily grind of laundry, meals, school and work; that I have neglected to attend to those less tangible needs of my own.

So this year I plan to prioritise “me” in my life. I plan to feed the inner me, to take better care of my needs. I am going to shift some of my focus to my spiritual well-being and to doing those things that bring me personal joy.

How do I hope to achieve this? I am making time for the hobbies that nurture the quiet, peaceful inner me, I am listening to music that nourishes my soul, I am reading books that challenge and stretch me and I am spending some time in quiet meditation every day.

Right now, I am starting out with tiny, little baby steps, but I hope that eventually these will grow to be small, but significant and lasting changes in my daily life.

Photo by algo, courtesy of Flickr creative commons


Regina said...

I had a beautiful comment but I think blogger ate it! But anyway...
I ahve vistied about 8 blogs that are going through the same thing. 2008 is going to be a year of new beginnings! I think mom's often get so caught up in taking care of others that they lose themselves. So welcome back to you!!

Linda said...

You are so wise to approach these feelings with baby steps. Don't feel alone, because many women experience the same at this point of their life.

Simone said...

Love the picture.

Taking little steps are the best. I have been feeling quite overwhelmed this week. today I took the afternoon off - took my daughter to the movies and then just window shopped.

I feel refreshed now.

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