Sunday, February 03, 2008

Awards season in Blogville

It appears that the good citizens of Blogville are having an awards season fit to rival the awards season happening in Hollywood (not much of an award season happening there, with the writer's strike and all!)

I am the very proud recipient of:

  • the "You make my Day" Award, bestowed on me by two of my favourite bloggers - Baby~Amore' who blogs at My Little Drummer Boys and Linda who blogs at {this and that}

  • the "Everyday Kindness" Award also from Linda

  • finally, the "Spread the Love" Award, also from Linda

Thanks so much!!


Redness said...

Congratulations, well deserved, pleased to see you're back in blogland. xx

Regina said...

Hey Gill,
congrats on your awards! you deserve them and many more!

Simone said...


Wayfarer Scientista said...

congratulations! I'm curious if you're going to pass them on? I love seeing who people pass awards to.

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