Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cell-phone etiquette

A lot has been said about cell phone etiquette, but I really feel the need to have my say as well. I love my cell phone, I make no bones about it. I’d be lost without the little thing. My daughters both adore their phones and my husband uses his 24/7 in his line of work. So I have no gripe with cell phones per se. What I have a huge gripe with is the cell phone users who feel the need to conduct cell phone conversations while sitting at their tables in restaurants and worse still, in the movies. What makes them think that I need or want to know about their cousin Charlie’s hip replacement or the business deal that SO nearly went through but didn’t??

The trouble is that bad cell phone etiquette isn’t limited to arbitrary strangers, I have sat in the homes of dear friends and family members too and been subjected to their rambling phone conversations. Come on people, that’s the beauty of cell phones, they are portable, you can pick them up and walk with them! So do us a favour, when the phone rings, get up, excuse yourself and walk outside the room with the flipping thing!

Your Cell Phone Etiquette is 16% Bad, 84% Good

You are practically a cell phone saint. You never annoy the people around you.

Everyone should have phone manners as good as yours. And you sure wish they did!


Regina said...

See, I'm not that bad, I try not to be rude.

Your Cell Phone Etiquette is 29% Bad, 71% Good
Your cell phone manners are quite good. Not perfect, but almost.
Occasionally, you do annoy people with your cell. But when you realize it, you stop.

Mimi Lenox said...

You've been royally tagged by the Queen of Memes. Message In a Bottle Meme. Have fun!

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