Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh ancient one!

A couple of days ago Rox came home from her job as a Teacher's Assistant, marched up to me and demanded to know whether she "looks very old"? I gave myself a couple of seconds pause for thought - when the person asking this question is 18 years old it could very well be a trick question! Having stewed over all the possibilities as to what answer she was actually looking for, I bravely answered that I did not think she looked at all old. Thankfully it was the right answer! (Being a mom can be like walking through a mine field I tell ya!)

It turns out that one of the Grade Ones had come up to her during the course of the day and asked "How old are you Mith R?" Rox explained that, that was a secret. Little girl then said, "I bet I can guess, I bet you are TWENTY NINE" Rox was shocked out of her socks and told the little girl that she was definitely not 29 (horrors!), so the little one guessed again and came up with the bright answer of THIRTY SIX!!

Oh boy, the bloom of youth, it fades so fast.......LOL!


Regina said...

That is so sad! She thinks 29 is old!

Linda said...

Girls, especially are hard to communicate with. Say the wrong thing and they hate you. Gill, this to shall pass.

Hope you are feeling better!

Just Jen said...

LOL....she has nothing to worry about, what does the little one know? anybody over 12 is old! I had one daycare child tell me I was over a hundred! I smiled and said, yes, I'm extremely wise!

Simone said...

Oh I know when that happens.

When I first started most kids guessed that I was younger and now I much older than my age (High School)

Learned not to take it too seriously.

Tammy said...

You just wait for "do these jeans make me look fat.?" LOL


Wayfarer Scientista said...

ah,I remember oncebeing told by two separate women on the exact same day that I "looked young despite bing so old" and that I was "too young to know about the real world". It's amazing how our own age can make us view ages so differently.

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